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Office design trends for 2023


APSS predicts the office designs and trends for 2023.

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Office Refurbishments - Four Key Things to Consider


An office refurbishment is a great opportunity to breathe life back into your workspace.

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Cat A and Cat B Fit Outs - What’s the Difference?


What are the differences between Cat A and Cat B fit outs? Find out in our latest blog!

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How to promote good mental health in the workplace


How can you, as an employer, help your staff have a more positive mental health attitude and know the risk factors?

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Office Interiors - What is Biophilic Design?


Biophilic design is the notion whereby allowing people to create and experience a connection with nature.

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How To Lay Your Office Out To Boost Productivity


Office layouts can be a difficult problem to solve. One person's preference might be a nightmare for others.

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