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Looking for an experienced dilapidations or strip-out contractor? We provide a dilapidation service to help you return a property to its original condition. We provide a cost-efficient and quick service to ensure tenants get their maximum deposit back. Conversely, we also seek to aid landlords in avoiding unnecessary delays in obtaining a new tenant.

As part of our dilapidation services, you are provided with a project delivery programme. This details how the work will be carried out and the time frame to meet your expectations.

Landlord and Tenant Dilapidation Works

APSS provides both landlord and tenancy dilapidations works which can vary in requirement. Tenants may require help spotting damages to the property in order to return it to its original state. They may also need help in navigating the work itself.

Landlords, however, may need additional help to create a “white box” for the property’s return to the market. This helps decrease the turnaround time for a new tenant to move in, reducing the downtime on a property where no rent is being paid. 

APSS will support you through the process taking the stress out of the move for both tenants and landlords alike. We will make alterations both internally and externally, including to any groundwork and garden area if required. To discuss your requirements with one of our team, call or email us today.

APSS provide a range of services including (but not exclusive to):

  • Logistics drawings
  • Mezzanine floor removals
  • Site clearance and recycling
  • Roof repairs
  • Cladding replacement, repair and cleaning
  • Guttering and facias repairs or replacement
  • Doors and windows replacement or refurbishment
  • Building works and repairs
  • Suspended ceiling removal and refurbishment
  • Asbestos removal
  • Plastering, rendering and dry lining
  • Floor preparation and concrete repairs
  • Window Spraying
  • Hard landscaping, paving, tarmac and line marking
  • Redecoration both internally and externally
  • Fire assessment and fire prevention installations
  • Fencing repairs
  • Gate repairs
  • De-shrubbing
  • Signage removal
  • Redundant plant/machinery removals
  • General cleaning
Banks Long and Co Cat A Refurb

Banks Long and Co Cat A Refurb

Dilapidation works for newly renovated and existing retail stores

What are Dilapidations Works?

Dilapidation works, sometimes known as 'exit costs' apply at the end of a lease agreement.

They refer to returning a property to its original form and presentation. This can include removing branding signage, partition walls and equipment. All of this allows the building to become a blank canvas ready for the next tenant. These terms would have been agreed at the beginning of the leasing agreement.

What are Strip Out Works?

Strip-out works involve removing everything from the interior of a building with the exception of the structural supports. This leaves you, as the property owner, with a completely blank slate to do with as you will.

Want more than simply dilapidation work carried out? Check out our services page to find out more.

What should tenants consider?

The terms of your let were agreed and signed for at the beginning of your lease. As you approach the end of your lease, you need to consider what alterations you have carried out throughout the course of the tenancy and to what state you need to return the property in. By referring back to your original agreement, you will be able to assess the level of work that must be carried out as part of your exit agreement with your landlord.

If your leased property is not returned to the state agreed, your landlords may send you a schedule of dilapidations with the work required to meet that criteria.

APSS can work with you to help return the property to the state agreed in your original lease.

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