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Stand out from the competition in 3 simple steps

Benefit from a fresh and amazing new look for your workplace in just three steps:

  1. Arrange an appointment
  2. We create a unique design for you
  3. We install your fresh, new look

Choosing the Right Office Partitions

Ensuring you have the right products for your working environment is our top priority. APSS provides a range of standard, fire-rated and soundproof steel and glass office partitions.

If you’re looking to create meeting rooms, additional offices or just office dividers, glass office partitions can be installed quickly and easily.

Steel partitions are great for use in factories and warehouses providing a more industrial feel where glass partitions are less beneficial.

Your workspace can be quickly transformed. APSS are experts in the supply and installation of all types of office partitions, with qualified fitters able to operate nationwide.

Glass Partitions

Glass partition walls create a cost-efficient, bright and modern office environment by allowing natural light to permeate all areas of an open-plan office. Office partitions use customised or frosted manifestations to provide additional privacy or be left with just a small logo to suit your requirements.

APSS supplies and installs a variety of internal partitions to suit all budgets. Our glass wall partitions are suitable for all offices.

Speak with one of our expert team members to discuss your requirements. From framed to frameless partitions, single or double-glazed, fire-rated or acoustic glass, APSS will ensure you get the right product for your business.

Glass partitions - All you need to know

Single Glazed Partitions

A popular, cost-effective practical solution for any office or working environment. These are an excellent option where acoustic performance does not need to be as high. There are a range of door options for you to select from. This includes standard to full height, framed, frameless, sliding, flushed or wood flush. These office dividers are available as both framed and frameless glass partitions.

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Double Glazed Partitions

Best for use as glass walls or meeting rooms. Double-glazed glass partitions allow for the installation of privacy blinds in between the glazing, or fire or sound rated options if required. In conjunction with the glass partitions, double-glazed doors can also be provided. Options include a 6 mm glass within an aluminium frame, and lockable doors.

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It has been a delight to work with the APSS team. They have made the whole process really stress-free.

Martin Smith, Opticians

Steel Partitions

Often used in factories and warehouses to divide areas and redesign space to create offices or separate storage areas. Steel partitions are more durable than alternative options and easily installed. This makes them a great option when creating a factory office, storage room, factory enclosure or clean room.

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Single Skin Steel Partition

This cost-effective option is suitable for a variety of uses including storage rooms, factory office, factory enclosure and canteen areas.

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Double Skin Steel Partition

Visually a more attractive option with clean lines. Double skin steel partitions are a flexible choice with upgrades available to allow for sound insulation and fire rating.

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Showcase: University Of Lincoln

Installation of glass partitions

  • Sector


  • Type

    Steel Partitions

Showcase: Chalice Medical

Installation and fit out of medical clean room with steel partitions

  • Location


  • Sector


  • Type

    Steel Partitions

Showcase: Ruddocks

Industrial double skin steel partition installation for manufacturing facility

Quick and Easy Installation

Installation of steel partitions is quick and simple with minimal disruption to your business. All panels are fully demountable should your needs change allowing you to relocate them in the future. The partitions can also be multi-tiered and profiled for warehouse and office divisions in specialised areas.

Monobloc panels can be pre-decorated to your choice of vinyl or melamine finish and can be fire-rated to 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Fire-Rated Partitions

If your office partitions require fire-rated performance, you can select from the suitable framed and frameless glass partitions available. We can advise you on this if you’re not sure.

APSS provides a choice of either 30 minute or 60 minute integrity and insulation fire performance in both the solid and glazed elevations. All our fire-rated glass partitions meet the British Standard for fire-rated systems.

Fire-rated performance is measured in two ways, integrity and insulation. Insulation is the resistance to the transfer of excessive heat, i.e. an ability to provide insulation from high temperatures. Integrity is the resistance to fire penetration, i.e. an ability to maintain the integrity of the element. The partitions are tested independently and certified to BS 476.

Our expert team can talk you through the different options and advise you as to which option is better suited to your business.

Acoustic Performance Partitions

We understand you sometimes need additional privacy or noise cancellation for louder offices and workspaces. APSS offers you a choice from a range of different options with varying dB performance.

The APSS750, APSS1000 and APSSClearview are available in combinations of solid, fully glazed or part glazed options. The solid panel will assist in acoustic performance and can achieve results in excess of 50dB.

APSS750: The fully glazed section can reach a dB rating up to 40dB and the solid panels 46dB.

APSS1000: The fully glazed section can achieve a dB performance of 40dB and the solid panel in excess of 50dB.

APSSClearview: The frameless option in a single glazed choice provides a dB performance of 37dB. The double-glazed choice will provide up to 47dB performance.

Bespoke Reception Desks and Counters

APSS Joinery works with you to design, manufacture and install a customised reception counter for your business.

Mezzanine Floor Design and Installation

A cost effective solution to easily double or triple your floor or storage space

Racking and Storage Solutions

Find the best practical storage and retrieval solution including pallet racking, cantilever racking and shelving.