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Industrial Shelving and Racking

Effective and practical storage and retrieval solutions maximise the value you get from your existing floor space, so it’s important to make the right decision on your storage solution.

APSS provides a wide range of industrial shelving and racking options and works with you to advise on the best product to suit your business, help maximise your storage space and create cost-effective storage.

Stand out from the competition in 3 simple steps

Benefit from a fresh and amazing new look for your workplace in just three steps:

  1. Arrange an appointment
  2. We create a unique design for you
  3. We install your fresh, new look

Storage and racking systems available includes:

Pallet racking: This is for the storage of palletised goods, allows for better selection and retrieval of products and use of floor space than block stacking. These can be either standard wide aisle or narrow aisle layouts. Where you may need high-density storage, double deep or drive-in rack, we offer a drive-in solution. However, if high-density and efficient stock rotation are important a live storage system may suit your business best. 

Cantilever racking: Used to store long and awkward shaped products (such as steel stock, timber, pipes). It can be specifically tailored to suit your product. However, this is not suited to conventional pallet racking.

Shelving: A conventional shelving option for the storage of small items with long span shelving capable of storing larger, bulkier items, a mix of the two is often required. Shelving can be multi-tiered to maximise height and capacities of the building and could be an alternative to a conventional mezzanine floor.

Our Suppliers

At APSS we pride ourselves on only partnering with suppliers who meet our quality standards and criteria. 

From furniture quality and staff well-being, to ensuring that our suppliers adhere to ISO14001 environmental standards, the products that we use deliver the highest quality results with the lowest impact on the environment.

For more information visit our supplier's page. 

Visit Our Suppliers Page

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