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Open Concept Floor Plan

Floor plans are one of the most noticeable trends in workplace interior design. Closed-door offices and cubicles were formerly the norm, but in this day and age of hybrid and remote work forces, forward-thinking office interior design allows employees to work – and enjoy their environment – in  a way that fits them best.

Consider a mix of private and public workstations that fluidly change to assist your employees' work as they perform it. Great ideas emerge from anywhere. Some vocations necessitate a closed door, while others thrive in a bustling environment. It all comes down to balance.

Design Inspired by Nature

Flowers and succulents, container gardens, and living walls improve air quality and provide a physical and creative boost to your company. Even a modest flower garden or living wall system creates an impact, and greenery can complement any decor style. These often don't require much in the way of irrigation systems or intrusive design work, but can spruce up a meeting room's look or your reception area perfectly.

Water features can enhance the effect of other natural components. Combining a water wall and a living wall might result in a beautiful green design feature that anchors your workplace interior design. A simple water feature can increase morale and relieve anxiety by creating a tranquil environment.

Natural materials can be used for the walls, floors, furniture, and ornamental components. Wood and stone can be used to offer depth and natural appeal to any office interior decorating style. Time indoors does impact on mental health after prolonged periods, so keeping staff inside stale, unattractive surroundings for too long is bound to have a negative effect.

Colours and Patterns

Colour influences emotion and behaviour. Your company's branding most likely takes this into account. Now, employ colour and pattern with caution in your office interior design. Colour can impact hunger, inspire trust, and instil peace (or the opposite), so consider how you want your office interior design to elicit emotion and alter mood.

The addition of a pattern can alter the impression of a hue. Is a bold geometric theme or a splash of a specific hue the best way to represent your company? Does a more classic pattern, such as chevron or a stripe, suit your style? When used effectively, colour and pattern can accomplish this.

Natural Lighting

Exposure to natural light in the workplace helps staff feel more relaxed and optimistic, and it might give visitors the impression that your room is larger than it actually is. The benefits of natural light are many and even a few hours of exposure a day can make you feel brighter, more focused and healthy as well as having the extra benefit of increased productivity. Access to natural light should be the focus of all office design, otherwise, aren't we just placing ourselves in boxes?

Instead of interior or cubicle walls, use dividers or architectural embellishments, or even smart glass panels that, like certain eyeglasses, shift from translucent to opaque with the touch of a button or smartphone.

To allow that light to reach all of your office space, keep the lines of your furniture and storage solutions clean and basic. Reflective surfaces maximise the influence of natural light. Natural light is enhanced by glossy finishes, mirrors, and pale tints.

Leisure Space

Employees need a place to unwind just as much as they need a place to work. Staff can relax in areas such as kitchens, lounges, and game rooms.

Leisure spaces contribute significantly to a strong business culture. Employees can also work away from their desks in a recreational room. Lounges equipped with comfortable chairs, sofas, or even beanbag chairs are an excellent method to promote teamwork.


Walls provide an excellent opportunity for office interior design to display your company's culture, mission, and values, among other things, without speaking a single word. Large scale images are adaptable and ideal for both long and short-term messaging.

This could include:

  • Local or regional geography and skylines
  • Decals
  • Branding and signage
  • Motivational sayings


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