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Bring Your Vision to Life with Commercial Interior Design

As an office design company, we understand you need a workspace that works for you. All our commercial interior designs have your business and the way you work at the centre of the process. We believe in creating a positive working environment that inspires both staff and visitors alike.

Our expert team of commercial interior designers use the latest surveying equipment for space planning and identifying opportunities within your available commercial space. The team are highly skilled and experienced in maximising potential space and providing a range of space-saving ideas.

Stand out from the competition in 3 simple steps

Benefit from a fresh and amazing new look for your workplace in just three steps:

  1. Arrange an appointment
  2. We create a unique design for you
  3. We install your fresh, new look

Make the most of your office with space planning

Office space planning is the first step in the design process. It ensures you get the best use from your available space whether you want more flexible working space, meeting space or desk space. Space planning is essential to ensure your new office design flows.

Without the right flow, an office can suffer from reduced efficiency and productivity. When not planned correctly, you could find your newly installed cupboard door won't open because there isn't enough room. Our expert team take all of this into account to ensure all measurements are taken into consideration. Every inch of your office will be used to its full potential.

A virtual experience with an office design company

We have the ability and the tech required for you to see your commercial interior design with immersive 3D technology.

You will receive photo-realistic CGI concept visuals for your approval. Using specialist software in conjunction with the HTV Vive headset, you can take a virtual 'walk' around your new office space before it's built. This means you can fully immerse yourself in your new corporate office design before the physical design services have even begun.

Don’t worry if you’re not able to visit our offices, we can also provide a virtual ‘walkthrough’ video.

Need inspiration? See a range of previous office design work APSS has done in your sector.

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We enjoyed working alongside APSS and our team is delighted with the finished result. APSS successfully followed our brief but also provided their own suggestions and recommendations to help us to create an environment fit for Impression's hybrid way of working. Being able to visit their office and use their impressive VR headsets allowed us not only to make quick changes but also to feel confident that the project would be a success.

Polly Astill, Impression Digital Limited

From concept to reality

Helping you create an amazing workspace

APSS work in partnership with you to provide an amazing new workspace within your budget and timescale. As a commercial office design company, we ensure all our designs promote staff productivity and reflect your company’s brand and personality.

Each commercial office design project we take on is tailor-made to the client’s satisfaction. We work directly with you to create your dream office design.

We manage all aspects of design concerning statutory approvals including DDA, display of advertisement, planning and building regulations. You just need to approve the designs.

  • Location


  • Sector


  • Type

    Design and Refurbishment

Showcase: Charnwood Accountants

Full office design and refurbishment including bespoke joinery walls and lockers

  • Location


  • Sector


  • Type

    Fit Out and Refurbishment

Showcase: Slimming World

Refurbishment and extension work to offices, reception, toilet facilities and warehouses.

Open-Plan Office Design

Most modern office environments use an open-plan office style allowing for a collaborative way of working and is capable of maximising office space. This is proven to increase productivity has the flexibility to provide various layout designs for staff to collaborate.

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Cellular Office Design

Cellular offices can be tailored to the specific requirements of each department. Well-placed glass partitions can provide a divide, whilst still allowing the maximum amount of natural light to fill the office. These mini offices provide ample space for workers and are proven to reduce absence due to sickness by up to a quarter.

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Benefits of a branded and creative office space

Why is it important to move away from a bland office environment? After all, it's the staff who make a business, not the shell in which they work... right?

Actually, both need to work together to get the best result.

5 current trends for commercial office design

What are the latest trends in the world of commercial interior design, and how can you use them to transform your space?

Industrial Interior Design & Refurbishment

All areas within your business should reflect your company and the way it works. With our industrial design and refurbishment services, we transform your warehouses and factories. You can easily create an efficient, safe, and innovative working environment for both your staff and clients.

A well-designed industrial environment is a key contributor to productivity. With our industrial interior design and refurbishment services, APSS installs mezzanine floors, additional racking and new factory offices. We help keep your business work at peak performance through innovative and modern design.

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Retail Interior Design & Refurbishment

Your retail showroom needs to be equally appealing as the products you sell to attract the right audience for your establishment. We will work in partnership with you as part of our retail interior design, office design, and refurbishment services. Our expert team will create and inspire the correct tone and imagery to produce a meaningful and impactful image for your target customer.

Our team provide a wide range of design services. These include a showroom interior design service and retail refurbishment. We are committed to getting you the best results for your specific business.

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Education And Classroom Design & Refurbishment

Our education interior design and refurbishment services will implement an inspirational and productive learning environment for your school, college, or university.

For classroom designs and school refurbishments, our team consider all safeguarding issues. We understand how to use colour, imagery, and design layouts to help inspire focus and learning whilst still allowing for creativity.

They are specifically designed to suit the needs of the end-users, whatever age or learning styles they may have.

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Healthcare Interior Design & Refurbishment

This specialist area of interior design and fit out takes into consideration the type of facility and all your requirements. Whether it’s a clinic, hospital or care home, our dedicated team have worked across numerous health care interiors.

The APSS design team are fully trained to understand all requirements of health and safety aspects within healthcare facilities. They take care of all project requirements and ensure it is included in the designs.

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We listen to your needs and suggest ways to improve your workspace so you stand out from the competition

Commercial Office Fit Out & Refurbishment Services

Impress clients with a brand-new workspace that shows off your company’s brand and personality

Bespoke Joinery

Our specialist joinery workshop adds something extra special to your workplace to provide that lasting impression