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What are the latest trends in the world of commercial interior design and how can you use them to transform your space? 

A well thought out commercial office design can help to boost morale within your business environment and give employees the best possible surroundings to work in - after all, many of us spend on average around 37.5 hours a week in our places of work.

So, is it time that you undertook a complete office refurb to give back to those who give to your company? If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are 5 current trends for commercial office design we think you will like...

1. Old meets new

Is your office situated in an old fashioned building? Perhaps it’s in an original Victorian hall in the city or an old mill in your local town. Why not marry old and new together and inject an element of modern-day that will blend perfectly with the buildings original features. Pair original stone walls and features with modern fixtures such as acrylic work desks and Victorian ceiling coving with modern leather and chrome seating.

2. Let there be light

Think natural light over artificial. If you have large windows, open them up and let as much natural light in as possible. A survey by Future Workplace, which asked over 1,600 employees about what they desire the most in their workplace environment, found that “access to natural light and views of the outdoors” was their number one choice.

3. Bringing the outside in

Can’t offer your employees natural light? Why not bring some of the outside in? If you’re going through an office refurb, ask your office fitters to install some living walls, moss and shrubs in your main working area and your breakout spaces. Not only does it help to purify the air we work in, but greenery also offers a more relaxing atmosphere that can result in less overall stress.

4. Colour pops

Splashes of colour either from your office furniture or soft furnishings don’t have to just be exclusively for creative and design agencies. If your working environment is a sea of browns, greys and blacks, why not give it a lift with pops of colour. Think vibrant cushions in your lunch area, pops of colour from the artwork in your meeting rooms and jazzy stationery on employees desks.

5. Spaces for wellbeing

With a growing emphasis on employee wellbeing, it’s no surprise that this made the list of our commercial office design trends. Whether you have a redundant meeting room that you can add quiet working pods to or office mezzanine floors that you can equip with treadmills and workout bikes, having space where employees can take themselves off to have some downtime or release some energy is paramount for today’s commercial office interiors.

Put your employees at the forefront of your commercial office design

Whether you choose a complete office refurb or you’re simply looking to enhance the space you already have, putting your employees at the forefront of your design will not only increase productivity but ensure you’re creating the best working environment possible.


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