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Creators of indoor training equipment Wattbike has moved to a more flexible way of working for staff post-COVID. Because of this, the company required a full office design and refurbishment of its existing offices in Nottinghamshire.

Office Design Nottinghamshire

Branding, functionality, COVID-19 consideration and efficiency of space were at the forefront of the design requirements.

Wattbike no longer required the high level of fixed desk space it was previously working with. Instead, it wanted to incorporate additional collaborative working areas and personal meeting rooms for virtual meetings. In addition, Wattbike wanted to reduce the level of cross over with other departments and in a sense create a bubble for each team.

The company already had strong branding throughout its office environment and didn't want to lose its effect, only add to it. Using a more natural wood tone for the additional features helped to provide a connection to nature.

Office Refurbishment Nottinghamshire

The company contacted APSS to help guide them from start to finish in creating an office that reflected its new style of working. With a full design and refurbishment service, it allowed Wattbike to have one company complete the project without having to coordinate several different trades.

APSS and Wattbike worked closely together to create a new natural-looking office space. It was designed to incorporate a more spacious environment. Desk numbers got reduced and alternative meeting areas were incorporated for collaboration between staff. The individual meeting rooms were designed for staff to be able to speak privately on the phone or virtually by using glass partitions.

Office Fit Out Nottinghamshire

APSS provided a strip out of the existing offices followed by the installation of new flooring and decoration. Additional storage units, designed and created by APSS Joinery, were provided to help reduce office clutter. On-brand glass manifestations were installed and new office furniture was supplied to tie all aspects of the new look for the office together.

To help reduce costs of the project, existing well maintained and branded partitions were relocated to meet the new design specs. They provided segregation between different areas of the office. Black and red tones were used throughout to continue the company's well known branding. New tones of a teal blue were also introduced to provide a more calming atmosphere to work in.

To help create the ability for each department to be self-sufficient in its own bubble, additional tea points were installed throughout the office. This required some reorganisation for existing cabling, data routes and water to create a more efficient environment.

Staff were able to continue operating whilst work was ongoing for the office refurbishment.

After designs were completed and agreed upon, the project took five weeks to be completed on-site.

The project team at APSS were with us every step of the way with our refit. They helped us look at various options to make decisions in the early design stages, and worked really quickly to envision what we wanted. We had great communication during the works and we're so happy with the final look and feel!

Clare Avery, Wattbike

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