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Sometimes it takes ingenuity to really make use of office space and, sometimes, that means going up in the world. One solution to really getting the most out of a space is to add in a mezzanine. This often-overlooked solution is a brilliant way for businesses to maximise the space they already have. Mezzanine floors can be simple to construct, cost-effective, and perhaps most importantly, in almost all cases will not require planning permission. This is because it is a fully demountable structure and the changes are internal. However, building regulations are required. If you're looking for new office design ideas then this could be the best working space solution you could consider.

The Benefits of Mezzanine Floor Offices

A new space: If you’re looking to create a distinct separation within the office a mezzanine floor is an ideal option. It can help to avoid cramped office spaces that are not conducive to productive and happy employees.

Companies, particularly new ones, can expand at a rapid rate. Need new desk space or want to separate teams? This could be your best solution. 

A new way of working: Open-plan mezzanine floors help to improve communication and collaboration. Helping to break down barriers separate offices can create. This helps to build team morale, increase productivity, and improve company culture. 

Improve mood: The lack of walls and partitions increases exposure to natural light. Many office workers start and finish in the dark during the winter months, this can greatly affect mental well-being. Allowing natural light to flood into the open space that these kind of office layouts can provide can improve your teams’ mood and help employees to feel motivated and enjoy coming to work. Offices that offer coworking spaces often have mezzanines as an alternative place to meet, work and collaborate.

Distraction free: The need for quiet spaces and private working areas has increased in recent years. People have become accustomed to working remotely due to Covid and now find it difficult to concentrate in crowded and noisy offices. Being able to use the mezzanine as a quiet workspace is a great option. It allows employers to offer alternative flexible working environments without isolating their staff such as hot desks.

Storage solutions: The extra space also offers additional storage opportunities making the main office floor appear clearer, which is more appealing to potential clients should they visit, it’s also a great place to meet.

Flexibility: Mezzanines are often the most easy modular addition you can make to any warehouse or office area. When planned well in the beginning, these structures can  be installed as semi-permanent structures and can easily be extended. If you find you aren’t using them for their intended purpose or have ways in which you want to add or augment them, it’s simply a case of rearranging. Modular office features are often the reason businesses opt for unfurnished spaces so they can really make their mark.

Are Mezzanine Floors Not For You? 

If you don’t feel a mezzanine floor would work for you, we often work in partnership with clients to create an office bespoke to your budgets and timescales. We'll design a space that reflects your company's brand and personality perfectly. Working directly with you ensures you have a unique office tailor-made to your needs and have a say along the way.

All you need to do is approve the designs, we sort statutory approvals including DDA, display of advertisements, planning, and building regulations.

If you don't feel a mezzanine would suit your business there are other ways to incorporate an open-plan floor space into your design. Open-plan offices are proven to increase productivity and engagement.

We also offer cellular office designs for businesses who're unsure whether open-plan would work for them but still want the benefits of increased natural light. The well-placed glass partitions help to divide the office space, ideal for employees who have a lot of meetings or phone calls and don't wish to interrupt their colleagues. These mini-offices reduce absence due to sickness as they help to stop the spread of germs that are hard to avoid in larger shared office spaces.

Arrange an appointment with us and let us create a unique design and install your fresh, new look. Alternatively, visit our offices and be inspired by our creative design.

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