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Looking to add extra floor space in your commercial setting? Find out the benefits of a mezzanine floor

Mezzanine Floors

What types of mezzanine floor would be best for my business? 

When extra space is needed in a business, many people immediately start thinking that they need to start looking for a new property. However, the installation of a mezzanine floor can help to solve many space issues, regardless of the business type.

Here we advise a selection of mezzanine solutions, which will appeal to businesses of every type, and their individual requirements:

Tier Mezzanines

If there is enough headroom in your building, then a two-tier mezzanine floor can be installed. This type of mezzanine floor utilises maximum head-height of a property, rather than the more expensive footprint of the building. Where permitted, a two-tier mezzanine floor makes very effective use of space by allowing the building multiple levels of storage, therefore, providing significantly more space for your industrial premises. As well as head height restriction, you should also ensure that the foundations of the building are sufficient to take the increased weight.

Retail Mezzanines

The installation of a retail mezzanine floor not only provides you with additional space, it also allows you to create a stylish element of design to your retail venue. A retail mezzanine floor may be used as a storage area for your products, or to create additional shop floor space to merchandise your products. Design features such as steel and glass balustrades, balconies and atriums can be incorporated to make your showroom stand out and appeal to customers. 

Commercial Office Mezzanines

A commercial office mezzanine floor will allow you to create increased office space within your current building, without having to go through the stress and delay of moving properties. The creation of extra office space above an existing industrial area could be an option, or adjacent to your current offices. As a mezzanine floor is a standalone structure, there may be the option to make changes to the mezzanine in accordance with your company’s requirements.

Storage Mezzanines

If storage is limited in your commercial space, then a storage mezzanine might just be what you need. The design and layout of a storage mezzanine are key, to ensure you have all the appropriate space you need in the correct format. A storage mezzanine floor is a freestanding structure and does not derive any stability or support from the building that it is built in and is often capable of loadings in excess of 1000 kilos. Due to the design of the structure the mezzanine, if necessary, it can be extended to allow for business growth. Storage mezzanine platform floors are capable of supporting shelving and racking layouts, bulk storage of palletised goods, heavy plant etc.

Industrial mezzanines

The installation of an industrial mezzanine floor instantly creates additional usable space in your existing warehouse or factory. This extra space can be utilised for storage, production or to add factory office space. As well as providing more space, mezzanine floors are also very flexible, and if you need to relocate the mezzanine floor to another area within your warehouse, or increase size in the future, then this is all possible. The installation of a production or storage mezzanine floor will increase the size of floor space, and therefore, building regulations will be required and planning applications to your local council will need submitting.

APSS can conduct a site survey to establish is a mezzanine floor would be a viable option for your business. The installation of a stylish retail mezzanine floor is a simple installation frequently carried out by APSS. All planning and regulations will be taken care of by APSS, and our design team will be involved to ensure you are making the best use of layout and space.

Where required, the mezzanine can also be specified to include fire rating to be compliant with regulations.

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Showcase: Danwood Group

Showcase: Danwood Group

Installation of Mezzanine Floor and Pallet Racking


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