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According to recent stats, almost a third of UK employees say they are not motivated at work. Surely major alarm bells should be ringing here, given we rely on these workers to generate revenue for our business?

While stress, anxiety, boredom and lack of authority are some of the main factors that lead to de-motivation among the workforce, poor working conditions and insufficient facilities are also contributing to these unhappy workers.

So, when it comes to an office environment, the offer of well-thought-out communal areas could have a big impact on making your employees’ days better and brighter – and ultimately more productive.

You may not have the budget for a full office refurbishment at this very moment, but there are some areas you can explore in order to get some immediate improvements made….

The reception

Not only is your office reception the first place potential new clients and suppliers will visit on arrival to see you, but it is also the first port of call for your employees each and every day.

Therefore, having a warm, welcoming and calming reception area should start the working day off in good stead.

Consider your reception counter – is it fit for purpose, smart and attractive? Is your brand logo visible and does the area visually inspire people walking by? If not, it might be time for an update. Even adding small touches like fresh flowers or plants, photos, imagery or any framed awards can all help with improving the atmosphere of the office space as people arrive. 

Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms should be spaces to be inspired and connected with fellow team members – they should have plenty of natural light and create an environment to keep people active and engaged. Small, dingy, dark rooms are not really acceptable as a meeting environment as they are more likely to cause lethargy and dis-engagement for all involved, deeming the meeting a waste of time.

If space is a problem for your office, but you still want to create engaging meeting areas, you could consider adding glass partition walls. This is a private, yet modern solution which still offers natural light. Glass offices come with a wide range of options and are generally easy to install in most locations.

The kitchen

It’s likely your workers will arrive at 9 am and leave at 5.30 pm, therefore the majority of them spend their lunch hour in the office and need catering facilities.

If you work in a remote part of town or in the middle of the countryside, with very few catering options nearby, there is even more of a reason to ensure your communal kitchen space is fit for purpose.

Do you have a fridge that is large enough for everyone to use daily? Do you have a microwave for heating food? A kettle for boiling water and clean running water or a dishwasher to keep cutlery and crockery clean?

These are all basic essentials needed for employees to prepare their food each day. Some employers make more of an effort by providing free fruit or cereals for their staff or arrange for outside caterers to come by to offer fresh, healthy food which employees can purchase at a discounted price. People need nutritious food to stay healthy and feel energised, so perhaps it’s worth investing in a nutrition plan to keep your workforce fuelled.

Chill out spaces

The office working day is generally busy and full of admin tasks that cause us to be stuck to our phones or computers for most of the day. Therefore, in order to improve staff motivation and productivity, it’s a good idea to give them the opportunity to maintain social and informal connections throughout their day and break up the monotony.  

Whether it’s a pool table, where employees can play a game on their break, a small library-style area with books and sofas where they can read and relax, or a gym area with running machines, weights and yoga mats – there is a real need to mix work with relaxation in order to create a healthy environment that supports optimal mental health and wellbeing.

Hopefully, the above ideas have given you some inspiration about making your office space a little more inspirational, and if you want to chat to one of our team members about your ideas, then we are always here to help.


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