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An office design to reflect the brand

Agricultural specialists Elsoms Seeds has a rich 175 years of history and wanted an office design and phased refurbishment that would reflect the brand's colours and identity.

The existing building was originally designed with several small offices which didn’t lend itself to easy communication between teams and departments. The company wanted to change this by creating an open-plan office environment with smaller side rooms specifically designed for Zoom and face to face meetings.

Creating a workspace that works

The existing reception area was already well designed and presented the company branding whilst also highlighting the fantastic work Elsoms Seeds carries out. Following conversations between the APSS design team and the customer, a design was created which would continue to highlight the company’s history, its legacy through the last 175 years and show how the company had developed across the rest of the office space.

On-brand colours were used throughout the designs and new storage solutions were provided to allow the company to declutter its workspace whilst providing more dedicated storage options. The new units also allowed for plants and other greenery to be displayed which has proven to allow staff to feel more connected to the outside world and encourage productivity.

Creating an attractive workspace

Four floor to ceiling graphics were chosen from the wide range of photography the company had to highlight the fantastic work it does in the fields whilst also helping to inspire staff.

Following conversations with the customer, it was also agreed that new office furniture would be beneficial to allow for more integrated teamwork and streamlining communication. The Zoom meeting rooms were created using glass partitions to allow for maximum natural light to penetrate and large bright visuals incorporated to provide a far more attractive environment.

Glass windows were added to the wall between the office and corridor to allow for some natural light to penetrate, allowing a more positive feeling when using the corridor.

Customer Satisfaction

Communication was key throughout this project as due to the pandemic there have been global supply chain issues. Whenever this impacted the project, our project manager kept an open line with the customer to enable APSS to meet their expectations and keep them informed on the situation.

By working with the customer and keeping communication open at all times, the project was completed to the highest standard and within the customer's expectations.

Thanks to the continuous communication with the customer throughout the project, a great working relationship was developed and it made the whole process a pleasure.

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