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Designing for an Office Expansion

British Hardwood Tree Nursery had been working out of mobile offices for several years which were hard to keep at a comfortable temperature, and with recent staff additions, the company started to run out of space.

The managing director decided it was time for a purpose-built office on-site where staff would be more comfortable, and the team would have space to grow. It was to be a place where the British Hardwood Tree Nursery family could look forward to coming to work in a well-presented environment. They decided an extension to an existing shed warehouse would be the best location for the office to be created.

The exterior extension was designed to blend in with the existing walls, making it a smooth finish.

Creating an Office Fit for Purpose

Staff needed a place they could easily host meetings with suppliers and customers, communicate in a simple way with each other and kitchen facilities whilst still having space for further expansion.

APSS used this brief to create an open-plan office design, maximising natural light and the site’s beautiful views. The design reinforced the company’s brand image using brand colours and wooden finishes for items like the reception desk and storage facilities. Bespoke manifestations are also featured on glass partitions to further incorporate the company’s logo.

A Welcoming Business Environment

The reception area boasts a beautiful bespoke reception desk and display area, created by APSS Joinery, for the company to showcase its awards and qualifications. Using wooden flooring and wood finishes for the reception desk expresses the company’s ties to nature and reiterate the brand’s identity. The area includes a small, comfortable waiting area for visitors. For practicality, the kitchen and meeting room were placed next to the reception, allowing staff to quickly and easily provide drinks for guests with minimum travel and keeping the ‘visitor entertainment area’ altogether.

Glass partitions for the 8-seater boardroom allow the room to maximise natural light. It also has its own temperature-controlled HVAC unit which can easily be adjusted to compensate for natural heat from the sunlight and the number of people in the room.

Designed for Productivity

Whereas in their former offices, staff were spread out and had to walk into different rooms to communicate, the new open-plan office layout supports easy communication between employees whilst also allowing the managing director his own office space. Glass walls enable office users to still feel part of the office culture whilst providing privacy for calls and meetings.

I couldn’t have wished for a more professional company to carry out this project. The level of service provided has been first-class.  From the initial conversations through the design process and construction, APSS was always willing to go above and beyond and to the highest possible standard. APSS made sure everything was done in time in what appeared to be a completely seamless process. You have made my life incredibly easy.”

Andrew Henderson, Managing Director