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Exclusivity and allure are important aspects as well as lighting and functionality of the space. 

In an age when online shopping has taken over shopping on the high street, car dealerships seem to have so far retained their popularity and importance as part of the car-buying process.

Refurbishing a car showroom is no easy task. Space must be stylish, welcoming and be enough to ensure that all the functions of the showroom can happen with ease. Exciting displays and modern atmospheres leave powerful impressions on customers and have a direct impact on sales.

Exclusivity and allure

Regardless of make or model, motor cars are an expensive commodity, which requires considerable research and consideration. Therefore, adding elements of exclusivity and desirability at the showroom is key.

Typically, the interior design objective for luxury car showrooms is to hone in on what makes the cars unique and at the cutting-edge of technology. Many brands take inspiration from the art world, treating cars as sculptural objects displayed in a gallery.

Lighting and colour

When it comes to lighting a car showroom, perfection must be achieved. Lighting style and quality need to reflect the overall brand, which includes every fitting and fixture the customer will come into contact with. Cars are made using coloured and highly reflective materials, therefore the role of showroom lighting is to enhance each vehicle’s form, shape and character. Ultimately the lighting needs to create an atmosphere that will encourage sales and highlight the key features.

Coloured accent lights can be an effective way of providing a warm atmosphere, aiding in creating a natural flow around the showroom.


Space needs to be handsome and exciting – that’s a given. However, it is also essential that the showroom is designed with functionality at the centre of everything so that revenue can be maximised. It’s important to think of the customer journey from when someone walks in until the moment they leave. What will happen when they enter the showroom? Who will welcome them and ensure they don’t get missed? The reception desk is important and must be placed in a spot that is central to entrance and exit, and it should also be seen by sales representatives and ideally the servicing team so that they can monitor people coming and going. Think about the flow of the customer, where they will sit when waiting for their car, what they will see from where they are sitting and where the merchandise is displayed to attract the most sales.

  • Location


  • Sector

    Retail and Leisure

  • Type

    Fit Out and Construction

  • Duration

    30 Weeks

Showcase: Horton Skoda Car Dealership

Showcase: Horton Skoda Car Dealership

Extension and refurbishment of car showroom, workshop, offices and car park


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