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Although initial reports during the first lockdown implied businesses may continue with some staff working from home, many companies now look forward to welcoming their valued employees back to the office.

The Benefits of Office Working

Over the last year, we have all learned new ways of working, but there are some benefits of working together in an office environment we have missed.

Mental health has been in focus a lot and it's been noted many people working from home have missed that everyday interaction they have with colleagues. It has been great that we have the technology available to us to be able to video call family, friends and host work meetings, but it is not the same as having that face to face (socially distanced) interaction with each other.

Collaboration within an office environment is also much easier than trying to do everything over in a digital format.

Many businesses have found there has been a decline in the company culture with some reports suggesting staff working from home for long periods have developed a mistrust of colleagues. They are wondering if their peers are really working or if they are doing as much as they would be in an office environment.

So, if you cannot wait to bring people back into the office, here are some ideas to help you prepare:

Creating a safe workplace

Current Government advice is to continue to wear a face mask, keep your distance from others where possible and wash or sanitise hands regularly. Business owners will need to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment, something APSS can help with, to identify any areas that will need to be adjusted to meet new guidelines.

Office Ventilation

Any enclosed space with people present requires adequate ventilation. This can be through natural ventilation, such as open windows and doors, or mechanical ventilation with fans, ducts or a combination of both. APSS will be able to advise you on the best option for your office and help you make necessary adjustments where required.

A New Office Layout

Some companies may decide that a new office layout is the best solution so it can make a more permanent change in line with its own policies. Plan ahead and think about how you would like your office layout to work for you.

  • Can staff pass each other easily?
  • How will your existing kitchen facilities and other communal areas work?
  • Will you be operating a work from home rota so that you can reduce the number of people in the office temporarily?

If you need assistance to try and create an office layout that works for you, APSS can help you plan and implement any changes.

Steel and Glass Office Partitions

Glass or steel partitions are a great way to divide your office, create new workspaces or a more private area.

Steel and Glass Office Partitions

Office Furniture and Supplies

Find new office furniture to suit the new look and style of your business.

Office Furniture and Supplies