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Looking at how different offices can change the working environment and its occupiers. Duffy and Tannis once said “traditional offices are more capable of suffocating innovation than stimulating innovation.”

Today’s office

Today, offices are far removed from their once closed, isolated predecessors that took up more space and essentially, did a great job of segregating employees. Creating a comfortable workspace that promotes collaborative and dynamic thinking is generally the way businesses are moving in today’s office environment. It has been identified that furniture, lighting and spatial arrangement all have an effect on the productivity of employees.

In today’s changing business environment and growing economy, it is essential that the layout of an office does not hinder the abilities of the company to deliver. This is suggestive of a minimalistic, clean office that acts as a ‘blank canvas’ in which the occupiers can work. This is not to say everyone needs an open workspace, but hey, everyone could benefit from a prettier office, right? Many of the criticisms of an open office include a clutter of noise and a lack of privacy, however, there are solutions!

Many offices now use adaptable desks allowing ease of relocation and the ability to alter the layout quickly. Partitions can also offer a great way to reduce acoustic annoyances without that heart-wrenching feeling of separation from your fellow employees. Another hero of the ever-expanding office is a Mezzanine Floor, a practical and popular choice to quickly and effectively increase floor space without having to relocate.

The APSS way

At APSS our glass partitions mean we have a combination of open office space and meeting rooms defined by our transparent partitions, it enables us to have a great collaborative team environment. Our mezzanine has allowed us to double our space, due to our increase in workforce prompting the need to facilitate a greater capacity.

Our office is completely glass-fronted so light floods in giving a bright, clean feel. Here are a few photos of our offices and showroom, we feel we’ve done a great job designing and creating the perfect APSS office layout, we would love to do the same for you!

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Something a little different…

Alongside the rise of open workspaces, companies are also exciting their employees by offering more bespoke office spaces, this is often reflective on the type of business that may benefit from a more creative and innovative workplace. Immediately Google may come to mind, with slides as a means of transport and quirkily named office rooms such as ‘Granny’s Flat’… Yes, this is actually fitted out in garish floral décor and questionable curtain choices! Whilst clashing fabrics may not give you workplace envy, here are a collection of interesting offices to get you thinking:

What can we do for you?

Here at APSS we can offer both standard, simple office design and bespoke, unique designs to suit any company. So if you want to want to increase your office space without the need to move premises, or you just want an office re-fit. Our service includes glass partitions, mezzanines, office furniture, storage solutions and Bespoke items. Whatever your commercial office requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us, or feel free to pop by, we’d love to see you!

Steel and Glass Office Partitions

Glass or steel partitions are a great way to divide your office, create new workspaces or a more private area.

Steel and Glass Office Partitions

Office Furniture and Supplies

Find new office furniture to suit the new look and style of your business.

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Mezzanine Floor Design and Installation

A cost effective solution to easily double or triple your floor or storage space

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