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You might be feeling extremely overwhelmed at the thought of a big office fit-out, but with the right organisation and thought, it can be an easy and enjoyable process. 

Whether you need more space for your expanding business, or your office layout just doesn’t work, we can help you with a simple office fit-out.

We've put together a helpful guide to help you break things down and know what to think about before you commit to an office fit-out.

An Office Fit-Out & What it Means

The term office fit-out is used when looking at a new office space, a completely blank canvas. Whether you’re moving into a new building or you’re expanding into a new office, this would apply to you.

If you're thinking about an office fit-out, it’s important to be on the same page as your developer about what you want your office fit-out to look like and what you can expect. 

Design and Fit

Also known as a Cat B fit-out, these are very common and include the whole package, providing you with a workspace that is entirely ready to move into. Your Cat B fit-out could include: 

  • Meeting rooms
  • Fully fitted and integrated kitchens 
  • IT and workstations 
  • Air conditioning, heating and power points 
  • Non-communal staff facilities 
  • Breakout spaces 
  • Storage

This level of fit-out is a great option if you have a more long-term space. At APSS, Cat B fit-outs include the full design process to get the space exactly how you want it, including layout, furniture and decorations of floors and walls. 

You have absolute control over all aspects of your space, just with the extra help of our experts and professionals who know how to furnish the perfect office for you and your needs. 

Everything included in a Cat B fit-out is tailored to what you want from the office fit-out, with industry experts on your team. 

The benefits of an office fit-out

Not only does an office fit-out boost professionalism and productivity, but it's good for employee morale and mental well-being. Your staff’s focus and productivity can be affected by the smallest things, such as workplace design, indoor temperature and interior decor like plants.

  • Boosting Employee Morale & Performance 

An office that fulfils the needs of its employees helps improve team morale and overall company performance and productivity. As well as a major boost in workflow, new office fit-outs have shown to lower the rate of employee turnover, which is a great win for your business and allows you to attract more talent to your company!

  • Space Utilisation

Many offices struggle to utilise the available space. With a strategically planned office fit-out, you can improve your efficiency with the office environment for the better. Doing this part with the help of experts will save you a lot of time and energy.

  • Team Collaboration

One thing an office fit-out can bring to your workspace is great team collaboration. How your team work together and collaborate is so important, therefore creating those breakout spaces will help boost productivity, morale and efficiency.

  • Brand Image

If you host client or business partner meetings in your office, it’s important to make sure your brand image is represented throughout your office space. A fresh and bright interior, including your core brand colours, can leave a lasting impact on both staff members and clients. 

It’s the little things that make a difference. Having your logo on a feature wall or neon lights with your brand colours can be the difference between you and your competitors. 

  • Energy Saving

When thought about from the outset, your office fit-out can save you energy in the long run. Installing energy-efficient lighting, adding open-plan spaces and making some more environmentally friendly decisions along the way means your office will be saving you money in the long run!

Things you need to think about and why 

An office fit-out is a big decision and depending on what you require, can be a big expense. Getting it right the first time is crucial in saving you time and money. 

Fit-outs are much more than just choosing colours for your walls and picking out new furniture. We’ve compiled our top things to consider to make the process a little easier and less overwhelming. 

  1. Size of the Space 

When looking at an office fit-out, it’s important to think about your company’s future growth, not just where you’re at now. If you’re planning to stay in your existing office you need to utilise your space and size in a much better way. 

A mezzanine is an easy way to double your floor space if you have the height required. Looking at the layout of your office furniture, rethinking open spaces and adding some more private creative spaces help to make the most of more space for teamwork, collaboration and learning.

       2. Functionality 

From meeting rooms to break-out spaces, it’s important to think about the multiple purposes of your office and what you need to provide for your team. 

If you’re looking to free up space and maximise light in your office, think about replacing solid walls (where possible) with glass partitions and adjusting your office layout. Open-plan offices might just suit the way you and your team work. 

If you’re creative enough, there are so many things you can add to your office space, and these are a few things we’d recommend. 

Mezzanines - one solution to really get the most out of your office space is to add in a mezzanine. Mezzanine floors are a simple cost-effective solution that will in most cases not require planning permission. 

If you want to create a separate space in your office, a mezzanine floor is a perfect option. It can help to avoid cramped office spaces that are not conducive to productive and happy employees. 

Partitions - Glass office partitions are great if you’re looking to create meeting rooms and additional offices and maximise light. Alternatively, steel, stud or wooden partitions are great as office dividers. Most importantly, they can be installed quickly and easily. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to make the most of your office space, then glass partitions are a great feature. They create a bright and modern office environment by allowing natural light into all areas of an open-plan office. 

If you're looking for more privacy, we supply and install a variety of internal partitions to suit an array of different budgets. Office partitions use customised or frosted manifestations to provide additional privacy or can be left with just a small logo to suit your requirements.  Alternatively, glass partitions with integrated blinds will provide you with more privacy when required. However, if you really want to impress, you can install switch glass which at the click of a switch will go from clear to frosted and back again. 

New Office Furniture - whilst you are focusing on a new office fit-out, you might also want to consider new office furniture. We offer a large range of office furniture to suit your new office style as well as any business requirements.

Every employee has different needs, it is worth speaking with them to see if there is anything they require to help improve both their physical and mental health. For example, a sit-stand table provides the ability to work at multiple heights. This in turn allows for improved productivity as its user is able to change position throughout the day.  

As part of your office fit-out, we can provide exceptionally stylish, exquisitely designed and manufactured office furniture. Ranging from desks, desk chairs, and filing systems to office storage systems, racking solutions and shelving, we can supply you with everything you might need. For when there isn’t an off-the-shelf solution, our joinery department can create custom products to suit your space and requirements. 

Biophilic Green Walls - biophilic design is the notion whereby allowing people to create and experience a connection with nature through building designs. Whether that’s in the form of garden space or a small courtyard to relax in, or as simple as potted plants or a green wall, this could add colour to your workspace. 

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, biophilic design has so many added benefits. Multiple studies have shown that people growing up in ‘greener’ environments have better physical health and improved mental health. 

Providing a positive and healthy environment in your office will boost productivity, and presents a more enjoyable place to be in.

        3. Timescales 

If you’re planning to take on new office space, or you’re redesigning your current office space, you’ll need as little disruption as possible to your employees. It’s important to consider whether you’ll be changing phone lines, the internet and email during this time to let staff members and clients know when you’ll be offline. It’s all about meeting expectations.

Ideally, you’ll want as little disruption as possible for your staff’s productivity, meetings and regular business hours, so consider timescales and how important your plan will be. It’s important to also have realistic expectations of lead times and when projects can be completed. For example, a new mezzanine installation could have a lead time of 6-8 weeks before work can even start on site. 

It would be unrealistic to expect to be able to call up your chosen company, and expect something like this to be installed the following week. 

       4. Budget

Having a budget is a massively important part of any commercial fit-out. If there isn’t a budget set in place, you may end up spending more than necessary. Allowing a healthy budget for finishing touches and pretty features means you can achieve everything you desire in your office. 

Ensuring that key stakeholders are part of the process will also help towards understanding your overall budget and what you might potentially be able to add or have to sacrifice - transparency within your business is key when making big, financial decisions. 

Our Office Fit-Out Top Tips

Get Experts Involved 

It’s important to have professionals and experts involved in your office fit-out project, this is to make sure you have the right guidance to help you get the perfect office space for your budget. This is something that our experts at APSS can help you with and guide you through.

Staff Opinions

Asking your staff what they want from the new space is recommended, after all, hybrid working means it needs to be a welcoming space if staff are making an effort to be there. Finding out which way your employees work best can help you understand if you need open-plan working areas for group sessions or booths for independent working. It’s also a great way to get your staff involved in the wider project, with a sense of teamwork and collaboration running through the new office space.

Find out more about APSS Fit-Outs

Should You Consider APSS for your Office Fit-Out?

The space in which you work is one of the most important aspects of your business and employee productivity, so it’s important to get it right. With over 25 years in the industry, our experience allows us to provide you with expert knowledge on what’ll work best for your business. 

Working closely with your team, we will incorporate your ideas and feedback, improving the design and delivery phase. Our in-house technical team advise and assist the design team to develop the design and specification providing both commercial, buildability and programme benefits. 

We care about your business and want to make sure you feel completely at ease when choosing APSS as your commercial interior fit-out company. 

Because of this, we make you the following promises:

  • APSS guides you through the process from start to finish
  • We complete the task within the agreed timescale 
  • We deliver your project within the agreed budget 
  • We provide the best quality products to suit your budget 
  • We work with you to minimise disruption to your business 
  • We make sure you’re satisfied with the final product before we hand over

We showcase all of our previous projects on our website for you to view, and if any questions arise then please get in touch with our friendly team of experts.