Mezzanine Floors

With the ability to almost double your floor space without having to relocate, the installation of a mezzanine floor is a practical and popular choice for commercial, retail and industrial premises to ensure you are making the most of your available space. More cost effective and less disruptive than moving, a mezzanine floor may be a suitable solution for your company.

Whether you’re a commercial business needing space for new employees, an industrial company in need of additional storage space or a retail business wanting more showroom area we can tailor a mezzanine floor to suit your requirements. From the very early stages apss can establish initially if a mezzanine floor is a viable option for your business. Following this we provide a complete service, from initial quotation, design, building regulations compliancy and installation.

An industrial mezzanine floor is often a simple installation built within warehouses or factories to allow additional storage space, the mezzanine floor can house storage racking, accommodate office space or any requirement you may have.

A retail mezzanine floor is installed to allow more showroom space, more attention is paid to the finish of the mezzanine, for example stainless steel handrails and glass balustrades.

A commercial mezzanine floor may be to create more office space for employees, this can also have a high quality finish.

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