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    What are the benefits of an office mezzanine?

    • mezzanine floor in office

      mezzanine floor in office

    Created on: 7th July 2018

    If you are slowly outgrowing your current office and still growing as a business, then a mezzanine floor could be just what you need. 

    These contemporary extra floors can be installed into most spaces and using the right commercial interior company, you could just change the face of your office, forever.

    Here are a few insights into to why a mezzanine floor could be a great option for your office space:

    A great financial option

    When you have outgrown your current office space, many management teams would automatically think about moving locations or opening a second venue. Mezzanine floors, however, offer a far more economical alternative. Not only will the installation cost be much cheaper than a move or an extension, but also you won’t lose working hours or cause unnecessary stress to your employees with the move.

    Instant storage space

    Storage is a big problem for almost every office and can become a real headache as the business continues to grow. Although there are some excellent commercial storage solutions available, sometimes you just need something on a much larger scale. In this situation, a commercial mezzanine could be just what you need. By creating a whole new floor over part of your office space, you can use the lower floor for storage space while still keeping enough space to work in, or vice versa.

    Create a contemporary environment

    Mezzanine floors naturally look modern and stylish in their appearance and will add a new interior design dimension to your office. This can help to make the working environment more pleasant for your staff as well as looking impressive when clients and suppliers come to visit. A stylish and roomy office space will make life better for everyone who works there.

    Bespoke to you

    A great thing about mezzanine floors is that they are highly customisable, so you can get your floor designed specifically for your office space. Everything is bespoke from the size to the style, so you can ensure it fits perfectly. Mezzanine floors are removable and flexible, yet extremely safe and sturdy to use. Make sure you choose a reputable mezzanine floor specialist, such as APSS, and you can guarantee complete success and satisfaction.

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