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Your office refurbishment - 5 commercial interior design ideas

  • A modern office fit out

    A modern office fit out

Created on: 7th January 2018

If your interior is in need of a refurbishment, it's time to consider something a little different...

Moving offices can be expensive, stressful and disruptive to staff, so instead of looking elsewhere to house your ever-expanding team, why not look internally at your current venue. There are many refurbishment solutions that can modernise your office space, as well as creating extra space for new starters. 

Here are five options that could transform your place of work, without breaking the bank: 

Office Mezzanines

Enabling you to almost double your floor space, and often eliminating the need to relocate, the installation of an office mezzanine floor is a practical and stylish choice for commercial, retail and industrial premises. As well as adding a contemporary and chic edge to your building, mezzanine floors are cost effective and much less disruptive than moving offices, and can usually be installed in a matter of days, depending on the circumstances.

Glass Partitions and Glass Walls.

Glass is a modern and attractive material, which is becoming increasingly popular for use in offices, retail outlets, and showrooms. Frameless glass partitions make a great addition to any office, and can be used to separate spaces between desks, create meeting areas, and create walkways around a building. Glass walls offer extra privacy and soundproof barriers, and are perfect for boardrooms and private offices, offering a separated space, but still enjoying the benefits of an open-plan space. Glass partitions and walls can be built bespoke to your business space, and also branded with logos and designs as required.  

Steel partitions

Steel partitions are an excellent choice for factories and warehouses, which need to create a separate office space and storage areas. More durable than alternative options and easily installed steel partitions are a great option when looking to create a factory office, storage room, factory enclosure or clean room. There are many different options available to suit different budgets and requirements and can be insulated and fire rated as needed.

Creative Storage  

Many companies struggle with effective storage solutions; therefore it is essential that you assess your current storage needs, and see if they are being met efficiently. Racking and industrial storage can be tailored to warehouse and retail spaces, to ensure that every inch of space is used to the maximum potential, hence adding to an increase in space productivity and revenue maximization. Multi-tiered shelving can be added to an office space to make use of vertical wall space and can be tailored to the height and capacity of the building, depending on what you need to store on the shelves.

Bespoke Office furniture

An important part of your office fit out is the office furniture used, and although off-the-shelf furniture can be purchased online for relatively cheap, a more effective approach would be to create bespoke office furniture, tailored to your space and culture, so that It complements the office perfectly. A bespoke furniture fitter can offer you exceptionally stylish, exquisitely designed and manufactured office furniture, perfect for open plan offices, reception areas, meeting rooms and private office spaces. 

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