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Public loos and office toilets: How to make them more appealing

  • APSS office toilet cublicle design

    APSS office toilet cublicle design

Created on: 30th June 2019

Want to make your office toilet cubicles or customer loos a little more luxurious? Read on for some handy tips on designing public toilets of all kinds. 

If you ask around, chances are that using a public toilet is one of the biggest pet hates among a large majority of people.

The toilet is a very private space and one that requires the utmost in hygiene and cleanliness in order to avoid disease and contamination. Therefore, if you are in a position where you need to provide a public toilet for employees or customers, you have a big responsibility on your hands.

If this sounds like something you need to consider, then take a look at our top tips:

Planning a comfortable layout

When planning a design for a new public toilet, it is useful to think about things from a universal point of view. Many people will be likely visiting these toilet cubicles at some stage or another, therefore, try to cater to everybody’s needs.

How will people with mobility equipment enter the cubicles? Are the taps low enough for children or shorter people? Are the toilets sturdy enough to hold the weight of a heavy individual? Can you make things easier for any visitors that are visually impaired?

There is a lot to think about here, but all of these things and more are essential considerations to ensure that your restroom is practical and comfortable for all that use it.

Keep it hygienic

The last thing you need is harmful bacteria spreading and staff and customers contracting illnesses, therefore hygiene should be a number one priority in your office toilet cubicles or customer loos.

You should ensure that toilets are thoroughly cleaned regularly to a high standard and that sanitary bins are emptied well before they have the chance to fill up.

When it comes to washing hands, no-touch dispensers and taps are the most efficient as this means fewer people touching things, which can further minimise contamination. Paper towels and the latest high-speed hand dryers can also ensure that the bacteria isn’t harboured onto wet hands when leaving the bathroom.

Consider the little touches

It’s one thing getting all the essentials right, but there are also other things you can do to enhance the interior of your public bathroom to make it a more pleasant experience.

Using a fresh-smelling scent can be a nice way for people to enter the room – citrus or fresh cotton scents are always good as they stay fresh for longer and are not too overpowering. Good quality hand soap and hand lotion can make all the difference too. Opt for products that are eco-friendly and that are suitable for sensitive skin in order to appeal to everyone.

Fresh flowers or pictures on the wall can provide comforting vibes, and adding extra soft toilet roll or hand towels can make all the difference towards making the area feel luxurious.

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