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Your 2019 Office Refurbishment

  • Modern office space

    Modern office space

Created on: 7th January 2019

Make sure your 2019 office fit out goes exactly to plan with some solid groundwork and planning. 

Now we are well into the swing of 2019, it's time to consider your commercial interior plans for this year. 

Here is a refresher course of APSS's top 7 points to consider when beginning your refurb plans: 

Step 1: Choose an internal project leader

This is a big responsibility and requires due care and attention. You will need an organised, strong and calm leader to project manage your office refurbishment, as well as someone who is confident with numbers and will act well in the event of a crisis.

Step 2: Think about the end goals  

Think about what you want from your office renovation? What works in your workplace and what doesn’t? What are your limitations? What’s the long-term strategy? By listing your key goals and priorities, it will help when briefing an office fit out company.

Step 3: Choose your office fit out specialist

Now that you have decided to carry out an office refurbishment or renovation, you need to employ a company who can evaluate your workspace options architecturally, mechanically and electrically, and financially. Finding the right outside expert will make a huge difference throughout the project. Make sure you do your research and get a number of quotes in.

Step 4: Design development & approvals

Work with your newly appointed fit out company for your workspace to take shape.  Consider everything from colour schemes and materials to collaboration space, workflows and departmental relationships. When initial plans or designs come back, consider them carefully with a range of stakeholders and feedback in detail. Face to face meetings are always helpful when feeding back on plans initially.

Step 5.  Minimise disruption of productivity

If you’re refurbishing your current offices, whilst people are still working in them, then keep a watchful eye on productivity. Work closely with your fit out partner to plan the refurbishment for minimal disruption and keep the whole office informed of progress to keep everyone on board.

Step 6: Be proactive

After all the planning, you might be tempted to take a back seat during the fit out and let the experts get on with it. But don’t. Be proactive and don’t be afraid to ask your fit out partner questions and make suggestions if things aren’t looking as you expected.

Step 7: Refurbishment review

Once staff have settled in their new environment, and normality has returned, there’s bound to be the odd issue or teething problem. Get the project team together and conduct a full office review with everyone to make it inclusive. It’ll be easy to iron out minor creases if you catch them early and employees will respect that you value their feedback.

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