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Low cost interior design ideas to brighten up your office

  • a colourful and bright office

    a colourful and bright office

Created on: 24th September 2017

Looking for some quick wins to add a bit of lightness and brightness to your office, without breaking the budget? Here are some top ideas to consider next time you decorate your office interior…

1. Accent with your own personal quirkiness

The best offices aren't just functional and organized, they also capture something about the spirit and personality of the company. Once you have the skeleton of your design in place, you should also incorporate some quirky touches to make it your own. They need not be expensive. A feature wall with your company logo is one place to start, or mix in some vintage items, kitsch accessories, antiques, or something handmade by some of your employees.

2) Utilise lighting better

If there’s one consistently poorly-designed feature about most offices, it’s the horrible fluorescent lighting, plaguing the ceilings. Not only is this bad lighting bad for staff motivation and health, but it creates an atmosphere that it uncomfortable and outdated. Try to use your natural light as much as possible – placing desks and seating near to windows, and also be creative with ceiling lights, desk lamps, and projectors. LED lights are also another great alternative to produce a much cleaner and more effective light, and also provide a much most cost-effective light source over time.

3) Bring the outdoors inside
Nature and greenery are proven to boost creativity and mood, therefore incorporating some small trees, plants, and succulents into your office could really give your team the boost they need. Evening using natural materials like unpainted wood, driftwood or bamboo can also help to give that ‘earthy’ look to your workspace.
4) Bring out your inner child
Kids bedrooms and schools nowadays incorporate many design features to promote creativity, relaxation, and innovation – so why not channel this in your office or boardroom? Chalkboard spray paint, whiteboard walls, and comfy bean bags create an alternative to stuffy and old-fashioned alternatives, so why not add some fun and get those creative minds flowing.

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