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  • Unhappy employee in workplace

    Unhappy employee in workplace

Created on: 30th July 2019

A poor working environment can do more damage to a business than you might imagine. Maybe it's time for a new office fit-out? 

Your employees spend around 8 hours a day in the office, therefore with so much time spent in the same space, it’s no surprise that many of us become desensitised to the state of our working environment.

Similarly, when business priorities are swayed towards productivity and profit margins, business owners and managers are bound to become complacent about office interiors and make them last for as long as possible, without spending any money on updates.

A poor working environment, however, can do more damage to a business than you might imagine, so here we have listed some tell-tale signs that it might be time for that office fit-out to get started…

1. Unhappy employees

Many studies have proven that morale and productivity suffer in an uninspiring office environment, therefore it isn’t worth the risk of upsetting employees with a shabby workspace.

Dwindling productivity and people handing in their notice can often be a sign that the working environment isn’t up to scratch. A poorly planned workspace can have a negative impact on employees’ ability to perform. Uplifting lighting, superior facilities and flexible workspaces can all transform your disconsolate staff into a happy and productive team.

It’s not just a case of making the working environment a safe place - staff will thrive in good working conditions that are light, bright and inspiring. From better workstations to break-out areas, investing in the office environment will improve morale and have a positive impact on productivity. If employees are unhappy and uninspired, a drop in productivity is inevitable.

You could encourage regular feedback from your staff to ensure your workplace is not only efficient and functional but also meeting your employees’ needs? Anonymous feedback forms enable employees to be open and honest about the working environment without fear of reprisal.

2. Unimpressed stakeholders

Drab and dated decoration and furniture will not only fail to inspire your employees but will also fail to impress prospective clients too, so this is very important when making business impressions. Your office sells your organisation in the same way as your staff. Take a look at your working environment and appraise it through the eyes of a visitor. A tired, scruffy or dated workplace will not create the impression of a fresh and forward-thinking business.

Your office is the face of your organisation. The quality of your workplace reflects how your company is run. A high-quality establishment will inspire customer confidence and help to generate new business.

3. Poor health & safety

General wear and tear will naturally take its toll on office fixtures and fittings over the years, especially in places with high footfall and many staff. From trailing cables to split seats, a shabby office environment not only looks unsightly, but it may also present a health and safety risk to your workers.

Nobody wants to work in an unsafe environment and as a business, you need to protect your staff as well as you can. Shabby offices can be hazardous and therefore it’s crucial to tackle problem areas. An office refurbishment will ensure your employees’ working environment is completely safe and secure and will greatly reduce the risk of any workplace accidents.

Common solutions include new workstations with holes for cables. Power sockets can also be relocated to new positions on the wall or on the floor. Similarly, modular, moulded seating can offer a more durable and contemporary choice.

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