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Benefits of sit stand desks in your office

  • Sit stand desk idea

    Sit stand desk idea

Created on: 16th April 2018

Once considered a bit of a novelty in creative agencies, the sit stand desk has become a permanent feature in many commercial offices in the UK and around the world. 

The idea of sit stand desks is not all ultra-modern in its concept - the sit stand desk has actually been around for some time, with notorious individuals like Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway and Benjamin Franklin all recorded as being fans of working at tall standing desks during their time.

Renowned for being a more flexible and health-beneficial alternative to traditional seated desks, in this article we highlight the key benefits that you could offer to your employees in your office by adopting this style:

Increased physical movement

There is a growing awareness that sitting at your desk for the vast majority of your working day is not recommended and catchphrases like ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ have gained traction in the media as a result.

Health experts recommend that we spend at least 2 hours per day standing away from our desk and that we should gradually increase this to 4 hours. Bearing this in mind, the option of using a sit stand desk while completing a variety of work tasks should certainly facilitate a far greater degree of movement, and there is no reason for many employees not to take the advice of the experts.

Greater movement during the day has also been cited to help in decreasing blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress. It has also been researched that increases in C-reactive protein, found in those who are seated for long periods, is a major contributory cause of certain types of cancer.

As well as other health benefits, the obesity risk is obviously reduced by standing for at least a couple of hours every day.

Better posture and fewer back problems  

For people who spend more time sitting as part of their day-to-day jobs, there are naturally more risks of suffering back related issues, than others who have a more active role. This is even still the case taking into account today’s ergonomic office seating and workplace assessments.

An office design using Sit Stand desks can help to decrease the risk of back pain and improve posture but it’s important to make sure they are set up in the right way. Screens should sit just above eye level to avoid having to bend or slouch whilst reading or typing. Standing while working also engages and improves core strength which in turn naturally leads to improved posture and a decrease in back pain.

Improving agility and teamwork

There is a viewpoint that the adoption of sit stand desks can help to create a vibrant, dynamic and agile workplace. The logic being that increased movement and stand up working can alter the workplace dynamic creating a more collaborative approach.

In general, people are supposedly more approachable when standing, therefore there is more interaction and engagement throughout the workplace aiding teamwork and natural brainstorming. It is also worth mentioning that it is far easier to host an impromptu meeting when standing, so quick interactions are also said to increase as a result of sit stand desk usage.

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