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Do you need an office refurbishment?

  • A creative office refurbishement

    A creative office refurbishement

Created on: 11th November 2017

If you think that your commercial interior might need a refurbishment, then here are five tell-tale signs that might confirm your decision...

Your office environment is an important space, where the running of your day-to-day business takes place. Therefore, it is essential that your interior office design is invested in, so that maximum creativity and efficiency ensue. If you think that your commercial interior might need an update, then here are five signs that you probably need to invest in an office refurbishment: 

1. Productivity Issues

A badly designed office layout can make it very hard, or distracting for employees to work efficiently, making them feel de-motivated or lethargic. A very small office space can result in employees having to move awkwardly around each other during the workday, leave them with inefficient space for their equipment, or also lead to noise issues if desks or cubicles are close together. Changing the layout of your office can help increase productivity amongst your employees and the way things work.

2. Outdated Furniture

The office furniture in your space should complement its overall character, as well as being fit-for-purpose for employees to use. When you have old, un-matching or damaged furniture, it can create a bad impression for both employees and clients and can give the image that your company is unorganised or outdated. New, modern furniture can make a real difference to the look of your office and can bring it up-to-date with competitors.

3. Un-ergonomic furniture

When choosing furniture for your office, you may be tempted to save money by buying cheap furniture, however, in the long-term, this could end up costing you much more. Cheap chairs or poorly designed desks can cause back and neck pain for your employees, resulting in unhappy staff, lack of productivity and increased sick-days.

4. No space for growth

An efficiently designed floor plan of commercial space can benefit a growing workforce. If your floor plan has a layout that doesn’t accommodate growth, you will find yourself struggling with desks for new employees, which will limit the amount you can allow your business to grow and improve. Your workspace needs to be flexible and re-configurable so that it can adapt to your changing needs in the future. Mezzanine flooring and partitioning can help to improve the amount of space available in your office.

5. Poor Lighting Quality

The amount and quality of lighting in your office can have an enormous impact on its appearance, and productivity. A dull and dark will make a negative impression on clients, as well as make it very difficult for employees to concentrate on their work. Having sufficient natural, and artificial lighting will add visual appeal to your space, as well as increasing efficiency amongst your workforce.

If you manage to achieve a well-designed, comfortable commercial office space that reflects your company's brand and culture, you stand a better chance of attracting new clients as well as a stronger employee base. 

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