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A Simple Office Refurbishment Guide

How things have changed since the start of COVID. Working life has been turned upside down and businesses have found a new way to function. But if you're looking to make changes to your workspace, this office refurbishment guide might help you get the ball rolling.

There are many reasons you could be looking at an office refurbishment or office fit out at this time, including:

  • Moving to a smaller office
  • Moving to a larger office
  • Taking advantage of staff not currently being in the office
  • Wanting to make the office environment more suited to the current trends and health and safety advice

Whatever the reason, organising an office refurbishment project can be daunting, especially if it's your first time undertaking something like this. The key is in the preparation.

Stand out from the competition in 3 simple steps

Benefit from a fresh and amazing new look for your workplace in just three steps:

  1. Arrange an appointment
  2. We create a unique design for you
  3. We install your fresh, new look

Identifying the need for an office refurbishment

Although some businesses try to put it off until the very last minute, planning an office refurbishment doesn't have to be very stressful, if planned professionally.

The office has evolved to a point where it is viewed as an extremely important asset which aids in attracting and retaining the very best talent as well as impressing new clients and customers.

In this first instalment of our office refurbishment guide, we are offering some ideas to ensure you start off on the right foot.

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Why is an office refurbishment important?

Often in many situations, before thinking about the ‘what’, we need to think about the ‘why’. Why are we thinking of doing this office refurb and what is wrong with our current office situation? 

It may simply be your office has become a little dated, a little dilapidated, and is starting to affect the mood and productivity of your staff.  Essentially it is not an office that truly reflects your brand or corporate identity.

Your office should be a true reflection of your brand and has a major role to play in your business internally and externally, so providing a commercial interior that really works and where your staff enjoy working has risen hugely in importance.

Others factors like employee wellbeing and achieving a more efficient way of working may also influence the decision as to why and how you want to refurbish your office. Your existing space may not be equipped to handle hot desking, agile working practices or new technology and needs to be adapted so your organisation can benefit from increased productivity and improved staff morale. Effective space planning and clearly defining what you want from your new workplace can solve this.

Your office refurbishment can also allow you to embrace workplace wellbeing through incorporating more natural light, providing staff with a choice of work areas where they can concentrate, collaborate, catch up or simply unwind.

Once you have highlighted the factors that are most important to you with regards to ‘why’ you need this office refurbishment, you are ready to move onto the next stage in this project.  


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