Industrial Interiors

With efficiency and productivity being key factors affecting profitability for any industrial interior, ensuring you are maximising your storage space or flooring layout is important.

The decision to install a mezzanine floor, additional racking or a new factory office are significant changes in any business so ensure you seek advice before committing.

Industrial environments need a considered approach, like many other projects there is a need to reduce downtime, however in a working factory this is especially important.

Mezzanine floor: a great space saver and viable option for many industrial premises the installation of a mezzanine floor is a popular choice. This can be to house additional racking to increase storage, to accommodate factory offices or space or any requirement you may have.

Storage racking: an efficient and practical storage and retrieval solution will maximise the value of your existing floor space. There are a range of storage options available including pallet racking and cantilever racking.

Steel partitions: an excellent material for use within industrial environments to divide areas and re-design space to create offices or separate storage areas. With a choice of options including single skin, double skin, mesh and clean room you will find a steel partition which is suitable for your requirement.

With a dedicated industrial interiors specialist at apss we are confident we are able to best advise you on options available to you and answer any questions you may have.

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