Office fit out and refurbishment

Whatever the reason you’re rethinking your office design and layout, you need to choose the right option for your business. 

Different layouts provide different solutions and a variety of ways in which your employees can work to the best of their abilities.

Office refurbishments promote productivity and boost morale as well as provide a lasting impression on visitors. No matter which design style you decide on, APSS has built a reputation on being able to design and implement a full fit out in a short turnaround time to reduce disruption to your business as much as possible.

Our in-house design team will talk you through all the opportunities your space provides and will work with you to create a work environment to best suit the needs of your business and staff.

Cellular Office Design

A cellular design will allow you to tailor your office to meet the requirements of each individual department. Well placed glass partitioning can provide cubicles to house up to five staff, whilst still allowing the maximum amount of natural light fill the office.

These mini offices offer space for workers and have been proven by a Danish study to reduce the amount of time off an employee has due to sickness by up to a quarter. It has the benefits that each cubical can be designed to meet the requirement of the team members using it which also represents the companies brand as well as the individual department.

Other benefits include providing a confidential environment, fewer distractions and so increased productivity, temperature and lighting can be adjusted for personal preferences and higher security.

Open Plan Office Design

You can maximise your office space and allows for a more collaborative approach with an open plan design which provides the opportunity to facilitate innovation and creativity.

This approach does not have to be regimented, it has the flexibility to provide a variety of designs which provides different areas and spaces for staff to work together, meet in less official settings and confer over projects with minimal disruption. This is the perfect design for companies with project-focused work as it encourages frequent feedback on tasks from other teammates.

By reducing the number of walls you have in your workspace, you can fully maximise the floor space to accommodate more staff. It provides an opportunity for improved employee management without the barriers of walls and closed doors as it makes it easier for supervisors to monitor employees more subtly.

Every business is different and some may benefit from a combination of both an open office environment and a cellular approach. A variety of office furniture is available to provide private meeting space or video conferencing booths to help you stay connected to your clients.

Contact us today to see what opportunities are available for your office environment. 

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