Pallet racking

Pallet racking is a valuable storage option, allowing for better selection and retrieval of products and use of floor space than block stacking and has a wide range of options to select from. You may be looking to repair or replace pallet racking or invest in a new pallet racking system throughout your industrial unit. 

Pallet racking is a very popular materials handling system across warehouse and factories, designed specifically for storing pallets and any bulk inventory that a business may have. The open design makes storage and retrieval as easy as possible and is ideal for quick inventory checks. It is vital that a storage racking system is designed to make the most efficient use of the space available in a premises. There are a range of different pallet racking types available and ensuring you selection the option most suitable for you and your business is imperative. Selecting the Right Racking System is Dependent on:

  • The type of goods you store
  • The amount of floor space available for the racking installation
  • The type of handling equipment used
  • The speed of throughput

Types of pallet racking include:

  • Standard pallet racking: with a standard aisle in between each row of racking.
  • Double deep: this allows pallets to be stored two deep, a popular choice when multiples of the same product are stored. Offers the best utilisation of floor space.
  • Drive-in: A great solution where space is at a premium, the system works with the “last in first out” principle.
  • Narrow aisle: by storing pallets significantly closer together the narrow aisle option is a great compromise of maintaining accessibility whilst also utilising available space.

Pallet racking systems can help to increase work productivity as they help to organise goods so that they can be located and loaded quickly and easily making selection and retrieval an easy process. 

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