Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking is an ideal racking system for storing and retrieving long heavy items such as pipes, timber packs, windows, furniture, bars, sections and sheet. The versatility of the cantilever racking system means items can be stored on pallets, loose, wrapped and can be irregular in shape.

Typically used in factories, warehouses builder’s merchants, steel stockholders, wholesalers and many other work environments where the only other option is floor stacking where efficiency and actual storage capacity are very low.

When designed correctly cantilever racking can dramatically improve warehouse productivity and handling times while increasing storage capacity, apss have a racking specialist in house who can advise you on all elements and consideration of cantilever racking.

Advantages of cantilever racking:

  • Ideal for long loads, reducing handling times and improving productivity as stock is more accessible.
  • Relativity easy to install and reconfigure.
  • Can store any type of load from pallets to timber.
  • Additional arms can be added allowing for storage of all shapes and sizes.
  • Can store products vertically up to 6 metres high
  • Can be arranged in either single or double sided racking, either back to back forming aisles or placed against a wall.

Racking layout design should always consider forklift requirements first and not as an afterthought, the apss design team can assist with this.

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