Storage Mezzanines

The design and layout of a storage mezzanine is key, from the offset loadings need to be calculated to ensure there won’t be any future issues with the mezzanine floor. Due to the design of the structure the mezzanine, if necessary can be extended to allow for business growth.

Storage mezzanine platform floors are designed to withstand substantial loads and are capable of supporting shelving and racking layouts, bulk storage of palletised goods, heavy plant etc.

A storage mezzanine floor is a freestanding structure and does not derive any stability or support from the building that it is built in and is often capable of loadings in excess of 1000kilos.

Where required the storage mezzanine can also be specified to include fire rating and all mezzanine floors by apss are compliant with regulations.

apss can provide a turnkey package for your mezzanine floor installation and are also able to assist with your racking and storage needs.

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