Industrial mezzanine

The installation of an industrial mezzanine floor instantly creates additional usable space in your existing warehouse or factory and can be installed by apss with minimum disruption.

An industrial mezzanine floor can be utilised for storage, production or to add factory office space, fire protection can also be installed if required. 

Despite providing a significant amount more space, mezzanine floors are also very flexible, if you need to relocate the mezzanine floor to another area within your warehouse, or to extend these are all options which could be available to you.

The installation of a production or storage mezzanine floor will increase the size of floor space, building regulations will be required and planning applications to your local council will need submitting, however this is something apss are able to assist with.

If you are adding more storage space apss can assist with suitable storage options for mezzanine floors (concerning loading), if the mezzanine floor installation is to add office space apss can design and install industrial interior solutions

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