Industrial shelving, racking and storage

You may already have a storage system in place and need advice on additional industrial shelving and racking or storage, or your requirement may be for new storage systems. An efficient and practical storage and retrieval solution will maximise the value you get from your existing floor space therefore it’s important to make the right decision on your storage solution. 

With a wide range of storage options available it can be difficult to know which you require, apss can offer valuable guidance on all types and the environment to which they are best suited. An overview on the types of storage and racking systems available:

Pallet racking: for the storage of palletised goods, allows for better selection and retrieval of products and use of floor space than block stacking. Can be either standard for individual selectivity of pallets or drive-in where multiples of the same pallet product can be stored.

Cantilever racking: used to store long and awkward shaped products (such as steel stock, timber).

Shelving: conventional shelving for the storage of small items with long span shelving capable of storing larger, bulkier items, a mix of the two is often required. Shelving can be multi-tiered to maximise height and capacities of the building and may be an alternative to a conventional mezzanine floor.

Regular racking inspections and racking repairs can be carried out by our engineers ensuring your racking remains safe and compliant. We can also offer training to allow you to be able to carry out your own inspections.