Meeting Room

Glass partitions are a great material to divide space as they still allow light to penetrate through the space but provide privacy for meetings to take place.

Available in both single glazed and double glazed, framed and frameless systems, glass partitions can also offer acoustic performance if required for your meeting room.

Becoming a popular choice due to their quick installation and the modern clean look they provide glass partitions are available from a cost effective apss500 system to the apssClearview frameless system.

Glass meeting rooms can still provide acoustic performance, the different systems provide a range of dB performance from a single glazed 37dB to a double glazed, 105mm up to 47dB.

Double glazed systems offer the option of integral blinds to provide privacy within your meeting room. Manifestations are required to be compliant, however these can be more elaborate than the standard dots, and you could incorporate your company logo or additional artwork.

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