Frameless Glass Partition

The apssClearview is a popular choice due to the modern finish it provides. Available in either single or double glazed and with a range of glass thickness options depending on your requirements. 

apssClearview has also been tested to British Standard to ensure there are acoustic and fire performance options available and structural performance glazing, therefore providing performance glazing but with an aesthetic finish. The apss Clearview system can be supplied and installed by apss and will transform your offices in a short space of time.

Benefits of the apssClearview system:

  • All glass partitions are demountable and able to be relocated if your requirements change
  • Can be provided with acoustic performance up to 37dB
  • Allows for a range of door options such as frameless, framed, sliding, wood flush doors and doors can be standard or full height
  • Can seamlessly integrate into drywall to create a combination of part drywall, part glazed finish
  • Allows for fire performance (integrity and insulation) up to 60 minutes.

The glass options available in apssClearview from 10mm thick to 22mm thick:

  • Acoustic
  • Fire-rated
  • Toughened
  • Laminated
  • Combination of toughened and laminated
  • Electric privacy glass

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