Framed Glass Partition

All of the framed glazing options are available in both single or double glazed and are demountable to be relocated if required.

Some systems have additional benefits which are listed below.


50mm system an excellent cost effective glazing choice, a lightweight aluminium framed system with solid sections available (typically plasterboard). For the glass options it comes in either toughened or laminated glass (or a combination of both). There are a range of colours and finishes to select from.


A 75mm system, in addition to the apss500 benefits the apss750 can also provide both fire and acoustic performance. With galvanized steel stud framework and aluminium profiles apss750 is available in any combination of fully glazed, solid or part glazed elevations. This system can also include electric privacy glass into the glass options.


A 1000mm system offering better acoustic performance and fire rating on the solid elevation due to an additional layer of plasterboard.

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