If your glass partitions require fire rated performance (which is something we are able to advise you) or if you would prefer to have this option for your glass partitions you can select from the suitable framed and frameless systems available.

Offering fire performance of either 30 minutes or 60 minutes the apss750, apss1000 and apssClearview all meet the British Standard for fire rated systems.

There is a choice of both framed and frameless glass partitions offering fire rated performance, the apss750, apss1000 and apssClearview all come with these options, with the apss750 and apss1000 offering 30 minutes fire performance in both the solid and glazed elevations. apssClearview can offer up to 60 minutes integrity and insulation fire performance.

The fire rated performance is measured in two ways, integrity and insulation: Insulation is the resistance to the transfer of excessive heat, i.e. an ability to provide insulation from high temperatures.

Integrity is the resistance to fire penetration, i.e. an ability to maintain the integrity of the element.The partitions are tested independently and certified to BS 476.

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