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Why office mezzanines are such a great idea

  • An office with a mezzanine floor

    An office with a mezzanine floor

Created on: 4th August 2017

If you are not looking to relocate, but really need some extra work and storage space, then a mezzanine could be a fantastic option.

Could a mezzanine floor be a great idea for your commercial interior? If you are not looking to relocate, but really need some extra work and storage space, then a mezzanine could be a fantastic option.

If you are considering an office mezzanine, then here are some top benefits that might make you finalise your decision…


Whatever size and shape your office space is, a professional office fitter should be able to design a mezzanine to fit the space perfectly. You don’t always need a huge, tall, open space to fit in a mezzanine floor, and most of the time there will be a bespoke option that suits your preference and budget.

Aesthetically pleasing

A mezzanine floor, when installed professionally, will give a stylish and modern edge to your office. A stylish and well-designed office will not only make the environment more comfortable for your employees, but it will also give a great impression to clients, potential employees, and suppliers.

Extra storage

Storage space is always a premium for every business, regardless of size, and whether it’s paperwork, equipment, or specialist tools, you will need to find the perfect storage solution for you. Mobile shelving and pallet racks can be good options for larger industrial spaces, however, sometimes you need a more robust solution, giving you maximum flexibility – and this is where a mezzanine floor could fit the bill entirely. By creating a whole new floor over part of your office space, you can re-divide the entire space, allocating a whole new area for storage.

Safety and endurance

Mezzanine floors are completely safe, providing they are installed professionally and by a reputable commercial interior company. Just like having a new permanent floor built, a mezzanine will give you stability and endurance, even though they are removable if needed.

Cost effective

Relocating or building an extension onto a current property can be very expensive, with many costs and time barriers associated with it, however, building a mezzanine floor within your current space can be a cost-effective alternative, and will cause minimum disruption to your day-to-day workflow, whilst being installed. Office mezzanines can often be fitted in a matter of days, depending on the details, so your staff will experience only a brief interruption to their working environment.

APSS are top quality providers and installers of mezzanine floors in Lincolnshire and the UK, so if you are considering the option for your business, then get in touch with a team member today.  

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