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Why use glass in your office interior?

  • Glass walled meeting room

    Glass walled meeting room

Created on: 25th April 2018

As well as being visually pleasing, glass has many properties that make it ideal for an office environment. Here we look at the top benefits of glass to your space. 

The usage of glass both in homes and commercial office interiors has become increasingly popular, largely due to aesthetic reasons, but also because there are a whole host of other reasons why glass is a fantastic material to use in a sociable space. Here we look at the top benefits that can be achieved from using glass in an office fit out.

Increased Natural Light

Poor lighting can be one of the main issues in a working environment, and can heavily impact productivity and motivation of a team. If people feel they are working in a dark and claustrophobic office, then they tend to feel tired, lethargic and less likely to perform. Glass can act as a real mood-lifter – allowing natural daylight to flood into the office and instantly improve the light people have to work with. Thus, your employees are bound to feel happier, healthier and more motivated to do a better job, whilst in the office.

Increased space

For offices that are small and compact, glass can be a great material to use, giving the impression of more space and increased size. A glass office wall used instead of a solid brick wall can break down the barriers of feeling boxed in, and can help make the office feel more open-plan and spacious. The appearance of more space will also affect the motivation of employees, as well as help to impress clients and suppliers, creating a more positive impression of your business. If privacy is an issue in your company, and you need meeting rooms, or areas that are discreet and hidden, then glass can be tinted or frosted, making rooms less exposed, whilst still achieving that light and airy interior feel across the office.

Aesthetic Appeal & Cost Savings

Not only are the functionality benefits a real plus for glass partitions, but they are also becoming extremely popular in new and refurbished commercial interiors because they give an instant contemporary feel to a space. Everyone wants to work in an office that feels sophisticated and modern and glass can instantly help to achieve this look, without blowing a huge budget on other mod cons. Glass is a very durable material with a long life, therefore you won’t need to worry about replacing it very often, and the natural light should also help to warm up the office organically, saving on expensive electrical heating bills.

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