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The Benefits of Glass in an Office Environment

  • Glass partition walls in an office

    Glass partition walls in an office

Created on: 26th February 2019

Why is glass so popular in commercial interior design? Where we look at the top benefits of this common building material. 

Glass has long been used as a material for windows, doors and sky panels, however, more and more it’s being used in modern offices, restaurants and hotels as both a functional and durable material, as well as a stylish interior feature.

Here we look at why glass is becoming such a popular choice for many commercial interiors.

Let there be light

When businesses are planning their interior, one of the golden questions is how to incorporate more light into the space. Glass can help to solve this issue by giving the impression of more natural light and more room.

Instead of using thick concrete walls to separate spaces, which can often feel claustrophobic, incorporating glass walls or partitions can do the same job. The extra benefit is that the glass gives the impression that the space is open and ultimately appears more spacious.  

Privacy issues solved

If you want your place of work to appear open and contemporary, but you still need space for private meetings or for employees to work in peace away from noise, then installing glass partitioning can be a great option.

Using tinted or frosted glass for spaces that need to be a little more secure can be a great solution, and glass can also be branded or coloured to fit in with your company’s personality.

Glass can help to separate different departments and give a more organised look at the same time.

Chic and trendy

Large glass walls are becoming extremely popular in newly built and newly refurbished offices, as employees seek to provide comfortable and contemporary places of work. This helps to impress clients and attract the right calibre of staff.

Reception areas, meeting rooms or waiting lounges are the first places stakeholders visit within a business, so first impressions here are vital to make good impressions.

Not too expensive

Commercial glass is a very durable and safe material. It can be fire-proofed and also suitable for extremely large spaces. Glass is also timeless and is sure to last your business for many years into the future, so you won’t need to worry about replacing it any time soon.

Given its effectiveness and modern, clean appearance, the material is relatively inexpensive and there are many customisable options that are available to invest in.  

Glass is also a great conductor of natural light and heat, so if you invest in it in a big way, you might even see benefits in the form of lower utility bills for your business in the future. 

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