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Small office ideas that make an impact

Created on: 30th September 2020

Impactful Reception Designs

First impressions are everything. Your reception is the area that everyone sees, making it the most important area within your office. This is the perfect place to incorporate your brand and make a positive experience for clients and potential customers. It needs to be an inviting and professional space which creates a lasting impression.

Consider a reception desk which can show off your company’s brand? APSS Joinery designs, manufactures and installs reception desks that make a fantastic and welcoming impression. It could include under counter lighting with your brand’s colours, storage facilities and your company’s logo.

Inspirational Meeting Rooms Ideas

Staff and visitors alike need more than bland meeting rooms to get their thinking caps on or have a productive discussion. They are a place for people to share ideas and make decisions, but they don’t always have to have walls, tables or chairs in.

Give the room the same energy you want to take out of it. You could create a more relaxed environment with sofas or bean bags if your company would be represented well by this or use standing height tables to allow staff a different position to their desk.

Make sure there’s branding on your walls and consider including your company’s mission or values so when your staff are brainstorming, they will always be included in their thought process or when you’re meeting a client, they know what you stand for and how you will benefit their business. A word wall is another great way to emphasis your business traits. Include different words to describe your business or testimonials from your customers and show what you stand for.

Getting creative in small offices

You don’t need a large office to make a big impact. By introducing greenery into the office with a few plants or a green wall, it will provide a biophilic element and help bring the outside in. It has been proven to lift people spirits by giving them a connection to nature and the world around them.

Branding is key throughout your office workspace. It helps to build staff loyalty whilst letting every employee know they have a place and a purpose within the business. Floor to ceiling graphics are a great way to show off your brands personality and add colour to the work environment. Whether you include your mission statement, slogan or a large image that represents what your business does it all creates an impressive view of your company.

At the end of the day, your office is a meeting area for staff and customers, so you want it to scream how great your business is, whilst reflecting your brand.

Don’t neglect the importance of office furniture as well. Have a talk with your staff to find out their preferences as you might be able to provide smaller individual working spaces to allow for larger meeting areas or you could provide larger workspace whilst promoting a layout that allows all staff to interact and communicate freely with each other throughout the day.

Most importantly, you need to create a working environment that works for your staff and your business. APSS can help you make an informed decision on what will work best for your office.

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