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Residential Design – A Key Trend For Commercial Interiors

Created on: 7th October 2016

Needs ideas for your commercial designs? Try looking closer to home.

If you’re mulling over new ideas for a redesign of your commercial interiors, you might want to look at the design of your own home and see what concepts you can introduce in your office to really create a home away from home.

The corporate environment as we know it is certainly changing, no doubt driven by the increasingly flexible way people are working. It’s now the norm for employees to work from home for a day or so each week, with the focus far less on the number of hours that people put in and far more on the actual quality of work produced… and working from home can certainly help people be more creative and come up with far better ideas, profiting the company they work for no end.

Encouraging this kind of thinking in the office as well as at home will only prove profitable for companies, so what can you do to drive new ideas and keep your workforce happy and productive, eager to come to work each day and do their best?

Start with your reception area as an example. In days gone by, it was expected for guests to enter a building and be greeted by a large, imposing desk with a receptionist or two sat behind it, waiting to buzz them through to the company in question.

These days, it’s far more acceptable to be welcoming, with sofas and lounge areas now set up instead of uncomfortable chairs, amazing works of art on the walls hung here and there, comforting textures and textiles like wood instead of concrete taking centre stage… all designed to make people feel at ease immediately, just like they would if they came into your home.

Of course, you still need to make sure it’s clear from the get-go where your guests and clients are, so don’t forget to blend your corporate branding in with this more familiar atmosphere and include your logos where appropriate, without reducing the impact of the home environment and atmosphere you’re trying to create.

It’s also worth looking at the likes of Google and Facebook to see what they’re doing where office refurbs are concerned. You may not be able to replicate what they’re doing entirely since it’s unlikely that your office will be as big as theirs, but you are sure to be able to pick up a few good ideas, such as breakout zones which are big news for brands everywhere at the moment.

Instead of having a dedicated kitchen and eating area, why not set up these zones in various parts of the building where people can get away from their desks to brainstorm, relax or take a few moments to collect their thoughts as and when required. Think about what you’ve got in your own home that makes you feel relaxed – it may be that a games room is appropriate, or a garden area where people can grow their own herbs and plants in the office.

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