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Office Spaces To Inspire

Created on: 29th November 2016

If you are looking for a little bit of inspiration, get some aspirational ideas with some of the best, new office spaces in the UK.

When thinking about industrial interiors you will want to consider the best in the business when deciding what works for you and your organisation.

Though the economy is experiencing some uncertainty there are still creative, enterprising UK companies which are investing in their office spaces, and therefore their workforce. By using their office space to explore their own brand they help to drive home the company’s aims, messages and USP. Many of these are in London but there are a few creeping out of the capital.

If you are looking for a little bit of inspiration, get some aspirational ideas with some of the best, new office spaces in the UK, for you to take a look at:

Huckletree, London

Huckletree is a coworking space in London that comprises an auditorium, squash court and bicycle ramp that allows your fitness freak and eco-friendly colleagues to ride straight into the office building. This opened in April and includes bright coloured interiors juxtaposed with wooden panelling and unusual lighting.

Google, London

Peaking with a roof terrace out in the open air, overlooking Covent Garden, this office space also has an indoor picnic bench and seating area, as well as room kitted out like an old school Victoriana pub. The multinational digital company promotes a hot desking environment with plenty of spaces to choose from including Kubrick-esque white moulded work benches, through to rooms with plush arm chairs and rugs.

Innocent, Kensal Green

Famous for being a different kind of start-up when it first started out, Innocent has stayed in a relatively residential part of London. The office has retained its reputation as existing at height of fashion with the use of a large, five floor space which includes nostalgic touches such as baby photographs and slogans related to the company.

Ticketmaster, Angel

Yes this office actually has a slide. It’s like the movie Big! in here. Completing the scene are a pinball machine and jukebox. Similar to many of the other offices mentioned in this post, it has also made strong use of picnic benches around the office to help employees meet up together for brainstorming sessions and down time. The bright open spaces were developed to ‘promote brilliance, forward thinking and energy’, according to the ticket selling website.

Electronic Arts, Guildford

Stepping outside of London, Electronic Arts in Guildford is known for having ‘the coolest meeting room in the UK’. While many of the other offices mentioned in this post have featured highly designed focused rooms even the work benches at this office are highly considered. Want to sit at a carved out tree trunk? You had better apply for a job here.

Peer Hosting, Southampton

Another slide at this office for people who need to let their inner child out in the office. Peer hosting have also decided to invest in office pets, which should help employee retention. Some colleagues may be easy to leave behind but who wants to say goodbye to a dog when you go onto better things?

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