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Instagram’s New Office Designed To Inspire Creativity

Created on: 11th October 2016

Photo app Instagram has just moved into a new office and you might want to take inspiration from those who put this particular workspace together.

Photo app Instagram has just moved into a new office and if you’re keen to ensure that your members of staff think as creatively as possible while at work, you might want to take inspiration from those who put this particular workspace together.

Featured in Quartz magazine, the office space – located in Menlo Park in California, which is also home to Facebook – has been designed to reflect the very ethos of the app itself, with high ceilings, neutral tones, lots of natural light and sleek lines everywhere. What’s more, digital displays are on show everywhere with employees’ Instagram photos made a huge feature of… which sounds like an awful lot of fun to us here at APSS. 

Even if you’re not employed by Instagram, doing something similar could really make your office a fun place to work in – and also make your members of staff feel valued and appreciated since it shows you take an interest in what they do outside of work.

In an email, a spokesperson from Instagram told Quartz that the new office is actually just a “3D version of the app”, while project architect Ian Young said: “Our concept for the architecture is to give them something that is beautiful but also restrained. We give them a canvas so that they themselves, as the users of the space, could enhance it, and curate their personalities and the communities that they represent as a team.”

Not only that, there’s also an in-house café, a specific design room where people can go to brainstorm and throw around lots of creative ideas, a library and a space set aside for photo opportunities that has lots of sculptures in it so that workers and visitors alike can start snapping a few photographs.
Using office design trends to really mirror your company’s culture, ethos and brand values will always be a good idea. It makes sense to really take a few steps back to work out what kind of office environment would best suit your business and take it from there, rather than jumping in both feet first and hoping for the best. After all, you know what they say – if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail… and this rings as true for the design of industrial mezzanine floors as it does for actually doing business itself.

You need to consider absolutely everything when trying to design the most effective workplace possible. Think, for example, whether you have comfy seating areas set out for your workers, how tall the cubical walls are, the colour of your office furniture, the amount of natural light. It really is a massive undertaking, which is why it’s so important to get the professional office designers in. If you’re struggling and don’t know where to begin, get in touch with us at APSS today.

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