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In-House Meditation On Offer At Oz’s Coolest Tech Company!

Created on: 17th November 2016

Focusing on excellent design for your retail interiors and other workspaces is a fantastic way of showing your employees 

Focusing on excellent design for your retail interiors and other workspaces is a fantastic way of showing your employees that you value the work they do. No one wants to work in a horrible environment, after all, and if you don’t prioritise the aesthetics of your company you could see productivity take a dip… and it also doesn’t give off the best first impression for clients and guests coming to see you.

It’s always a good idea to have a look at other offices around the world to see how they’ve been designed and what other innovative ideas they’ve brought in to keep their workforces happy. We’ve just come across this news report in the Daily Mail about Australian graphic design software company Canva, which apparently strives to offer its employees a safe haven for relaxation as well as a positive working environment.

For example, the company serves its staff with breakfast and lunch prepared by chefs in house, and there are also in-house yoga and meditation sessions for anyone who’s feeling a bit burned out. Meeting rooms have been magically transformed into a fully-stocked bar and it’s a pet-friendly office as well, with an office dog Biscuit who comes to work each day.

When teams hit their target goals, there are celebrations galore as well, with free gym and yoga membership cards on the table, as well as free overseas trips. Nothing quite says thank you for all your hard work as a free holiday really, does it?

Co-founder and chief executive of Canva Melanie Perkins explained that building and maintaining a healthy work culture at the firm is one of her priorities as CEO and a key part of this is ensuring that employees are able to work as productively and creatively as possible. To that end, a mini start-up structure of working was brought in last year, with smaller teams working towards their own goals so that people have greater control over their own work and strive to push the company forward.

“Having a happy and healthy team is fundamental to a business’s growth. Happy employees take ownership of their role, work harder and bring their best to their tasks each day, and their creativity to the bigger vision. It’s almost impossible to be truly creative, innovative and to take risks if you are stressed and don’t feel supported. Canva is growing so fast now that we need everyone to bring as much energy and insight into their roles as we can,” Ms Perkins was quoted by the news source as saying.

We also recently blogged about BrightHR in Manchester, which has space hoppers, ping pong tables, football nets and a double bed in the office to help people really feel as though their workplace is a home away from home. Even if you don’t have a huge premises, little changes like this can really make a different to your employees’ lives – and you could soon see the impact this has on your bottom line as well.

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