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Improving mental wellbeing in your office

  • mental health in the workplace

    mental health in the workplace

Created on: 28th August 2019

Is mental health enough of a talked-about topic in your office environment?

If not, then now might just be the time to make a difference....

According to MIND, it is the responsibility of employers to send a clear message to staff that wellbeing matters. If you are the CEO or part of the management team for your company, then it is likely that your employees will be taking cues from your behaviour. Therefore, you should be committed to supporting the cause for a healthy and happy workplace by setting a precedent for good standards.

There are many outlets for support and advice you can reach out to when needed, but to get you started, here are some simple ideas you can adopt or adapt to promote mental wellbeing for everyone working in your office environment.

Staff training

Let mental health form part of your staff training programme so that all employees know what support is available to them if and when it’s needed.

Ensure managers are given advice about what to do in certain scenarios and go over examples of how to deal with certain common conditions including stress and anxiety.

Small initiatives to make a big difference

When it comes to making your team feel motivated and content, it’s sometimes the small things that matter. You don’t always need to complete a whole office refurbishment in order to make your staff feel happy or content.

Make sure to congratulate success via team emails or on the notice board and encourage team motivation with coffee mornings away from the desks or subsidised team lunches once a month or quarter to encourage workers to leave their stations and be social.

Some companies even promote a staff volunteering incentive, where workers are paid their day’s salary to take part in a volunteering setting of their choice. This could really help in the reduction of stress and work-related anxiety.

Use internal communication channels

If communication is often an issue in your company, then try to raise awareness of mental health issues through blog articles and internal newsletters. Post articles with advice and tips to deal with certain scenarios and make sure staff are aware that you are there to help when it comes to any concerns or symptoms they might have.

Anonymous staff surveys are a discreet yet very useful tool that can provide you with instant insight into the mental wellbeing status of your workforce and enable you to tackle issues before they get too serious. They also send a signal to employees that you care.

Invite a guest speaker to your office

Inviting a third-party speaker to visit your office and speak to your team is a great idea and there are many mental health experts out there who are better equipped to handle certain topics than you might personally be.

Hearing first-hand stories about mental health issues from people who have experienced them can really help those who are also suffering and also this can help to break down negative stereotypes from other staff members who might not understand what others are going through.

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