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How to make your dental reception area look great

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Created on: 18th September 2018

Practical commercial interior ideas to help create a welcoming and impressive reception area in your dental practice.

The reception area of any business is extremely important as this is the first glimpse that a client or supplier has of the brand and its values and standards. When it comes to a medical or dental reception area, however, the stakes are even higher, and the importance is even greater.

You want to ensure that your clients feel safe and comfortable before their appointment as well as wanting to form a long-term relationship with them so that they are loyal and return to your business time and time again, as well as recommending you to friends and family.

Here are some practical commercial interior ideas to help create a welcoming and impressive reception area in your dental practice:


It has been proven that colour can affect people’s emotions and perceptions, therefore, if you anticipate that clients could be feeling particularly nervous or anxious before a treatment then your colour scheme is very important. Try to incorporate soothing colours, such as pale blues, whites or greens, to make your patients more comfortable and calmer. Avoid colours that stimulate or cause alarm, such as bright red or orange.


Adequate lighting will prevent your reception area from looking gloomy and glum and could also benefit the mood of your clients. Natural daylight through opened windows will offer calmness and positivity, however, if you don’t have access to this, then LED panel lights or LED spotlights can offer great alternative lighting that doesn't flicker or fade. Add in some freestanding lamps or table lamps for added style and for when the days get darker in autumn and winter.

Style and Materials

Your patients will make subconscious ideas about your clinic and your service based on the style and materials you use in your reception area or waiting room. Cheap materials, like plastic or polyester, may convey coldness and a poor-quality message to clients, whilst soft materials such as velvet, wood and cotton may send a more favourable message. Wallpaper with a pattern that is too busy could lead patients to ideas of chaos or make them feel anxious. Patients may find a neutral colour palette with a few pops of colour more inviting.


A client’s judgments will be based on both things that can be seen and those that cannot. Sounds from medical or dental equipment in use are hardly comforting, so if you have a small practice with the waiting room near to treatment rooms, then you should ensure that the waiting areas are sound-proofed to a sufficient standard. The sounds from conversations, even muffled, can raise concerns about confidentiality to the patients waiting in the reception area. Consider using sound-absorbing walls and properly placed speakers to play music to help your patients relax.

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