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How to create a hygienic environment in your office toilet cubicles

  • Office toilet cubicles

    Office toilet cubicles

Created on: 10th March 2017

Here are a few handy hints to help smarten up your office toilet cubicles, and ensure that hygiene is high on the agenda.

It’s no secret that any toilet can become germ ridden, and no more so than in a communal one. If no care is taken by an employer to implement a strict hygiene regime in the office toilets, then they stand the risk of spreading germs, which can contribute to many types of illness and disease, ultimately resulting in staff absence.

Here are a few handy hints to help smarten up your office toilet cubicles, and ensure that hygiene is high on the agenda…

Fit for purpose toilet cubicles 

Whatever size business you run, whether it be large or small, it is your duty to ensure that your workforce has access to a clean and substantial bathroom area, close to their office or working area. Office toilet cubicles are relatively cheap and easy to implement, and if you feel like you need to make-over yours, or fit a brand-new set of cubicles, then make sure you use a quality fitter who will install durable fixtures and fittings that will last the test of time and withstand frequent use.

Set some ground rules

Nobody likes to clean up someone else’s mess, therefore it makes sense for everyone to clean up after themselves throughout the day to maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness. Make this clear to staff by laying out some toilet etiquette guidelines, printing them out, and then sticking them to the doors of each cubicle so that they are highly visible and cannot be missed. This way there is no excuse for poor etiquette from anyone using them.

Arrange a cleaning schedule

It’s vital to implement a regular cleaning schedule for your office toilets, so hire in a professional cleaning company to manage this for your business, if you haven’t already. Clean the area on the same days and stick to this on a very regular basis. You might even want to print out a calendar of the dates the toilet area was cleaned and keep it in the toilet area, so that you can keep a check on it continually. Make sure you advise your cleaning company to be thorough - sweeping the floors, bleaching the toilets, washing the sinks, and picking up anything that falls out of the rubbish bins.

Intervene bad etiquette

If you or any employees witness any poor bathroom hygiene by other members of staff, then intervene asap to stop the behavior happening.  Obviously, it’s hard to know exactly who’s responsible but perhaps ask your HR department to send around an email to the entire team reminding them of the bathroom etiquette, along with a warning that anyone found not to be following the guidelines will be named and shamed to the rest of the team. Nobody will want to run the risk of that embarrassment amongst their peers! 

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