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Your office storage sorted

Created on: 8th June 2018

Get your office storage sorted and create a clutter-free environment. 

Although you may think of it as being a waste of time and money, implementing a healthy storage system in your office can help to save time and money in the long run, as well as help with motivation and reduced frustrations of employees.

Getting your storage sorted shouldn’t be a huge challenge. With some clever office space design and alternative storage arrangements, you should be able to get your space running efficiently and effectively in no time.  

Have a clear out 

Quite often in businesses, storage cabinets and rooms are used as an area to place things that don’t have a proper home. As a result, these areas often become cluttered and full, meaning that they can’t fulfill the role that they are really meant for. As Spring approaches, use this time to have a clear out, making sure you only keep items that are essential for the smooth running of your company. Old stationary, Christmas decorations, and unused equipment are all unnecessary to keep in your main storage areas, and you might be better off either selling these items, giving them to charity, or storing them in an exterior area, which won’t encroach on your office space.

Maximise use of your vertical space

Many businesses often forget that there is space to be used vertically in their office space, as well as horizontally. Wall space is ideal for installing shelving systems, which can be vital for small offices, who need storage space for filing paperwork, books, stationery and other essentials. Shelving can be multi-tiered to maximise height and capacities of the building and could be an alternative to a conventional mezzanine floor.

Mobile Storage Units

Mobile storage units offer a great office solution, providing a higher volume of storage space within a smaller area. Unlike traditional static shelving, the mobile rolling storage units can be moved to generate an aisle as and where it is required. The mobile shelving option is a popular and sensible choice for many offices where space is at a premium, it can be quickly and easily installed. Should you require additional storage the mobile shelving system can simply be added to, therefore growing with your business and with a number of finishes available it can fit into the look you have for your company.

Freestanding storage solutions

If your business needs bulky equipment or stationary that is only used rarely, then it might be worth investing in some freestanding storage units to store these in until you need them. Chests, ottomans, and racks are all options to help you, and often you can find them in different sizes and shapes to suit your office space. These freestanding units can often be placed out of the main office areas, under the stairs or in corridors, in order to free up space in your main working areas.

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